Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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- Special, logia like, paramecia
- Awakening, can turn his surroundings into mochi, signature move: peerless donuts. Is able to injure Bound Man quite good, with brute force!
- super armament haki (hence high durability which was only overpowered by Bound Man, can be combined with his stickiness)
- Speed to tag Snake Man in CQC
- Attack power to match Snake Man in CQC, attack power to deflect Kong Guns

Either I don't understand what an one trick pony truly is - in this case Katakuri might really be one since he's versatile af - or you're simply wrong about this lol.

Before you argue, it's clear that King is physically much stronger than Katakuri, he can also tank a lot more. But as I said, Katakuri dodges, he aims at weakspots, he uses his surroundings to attack. He's basically a better version of Doflamingo but with op COO.
I'm calling him one trick phony because the moment FS stopped working, Boundman dominated the fuck out of Katakuri.

Hell, even Base Luffy was overwhelming him in CQC during that time, no?
He also said he was a Cyborg which he clearly ain’t,altering Gene sequence to exhibit Fire Abilities is rationally linked to being a Lunarian since that is quite blatant how part of their demeanour is based around being able to conjure fire.
And I’m glad you are self aware of that last part of not being able to grasp simple things.
Cyborg as in Modified Human, which Sanji is. Like, that key plot was always going to lead to King, and King was revealed to be a Lunarian immediately after with his Vivre Card so…like what even are you arguing.

And whether this is true or false, this is clearly a position you invented for yourself, attributed to Sanji fans as a whole, and are now laughing about now that it’s debunked. It’s all very childish.
So how is that sanji being used as hype tool ? If you are agreeing it means the same hype for king applies to sanji as well
It is not agreeing or disagreeing. Look at how these events are sequenced. Queen was already talking about King, and he already saw Sanji's flames, but didn't hype King that much at that time.
@Sentinel @comrade I know ya'll are Katakuri stans but King mid diffs him.
I don't think its high diff anymore. Katakuri simply can not hurt King, he literally can't.
While there is a very high chance King can land hits on Katakuri with his speed, versatility, Fire, range.
And boy oh boy can Katakuri not even afford to get in CqC with King.
Well, Zoro and Marco clearly dealt damage to him when he was off guard - and Katakuri is good at finding weakspots, especially with his awakening. I still put King, Marco and Katakuri on the same ballpark, King can be stronger than Marco and Katakuri individually but I doubt he mid diffs or even stomps them. Especially Katakuri was a victim to MC's plotarmor. +50 hits don't lie.
What are you even talking about? Ofc they clash with it. It has always been a flex- like Luffy and Doflamingo literally had a clash that amounted to fuck all outside of them smacking their foot together.

There's a reason why no CoC was present in any of the G4 Luffy's attacks on Doflamingo or Cracker or even Katakuri. Because no point using something that is pointless in combat when you're actually trying to focus hard and win a fight.

ACoC is the first and only time CoC has been used offensively or directly in a combat.

Though, in all honesty, I don't even know why you're pushing this clearly false agenda now that King has CoC anyway.
Luffy doesn't CLASH with people with G4, he overpowers them. Base CoC is important in CLASHES not unilateral attacks.

It is explicitly referenced to and hyped multiple times throughout the series, willpower is important in deciding the outcome of a clash, "just a flex bro" doesn't cut it.
Not really, someone can have a COC PU without being specialized in it. Ray and Roger both had CoC but Roger was likely the top dog and the best willpower wise in the crew.

So even if Zoro has COC and a COc PU Luffy can still (and is) superior in that area.
This isn't about Specializing, we don't care about Secondary Characters, we are talking about Main Shonen Characters here.
Shonen Power isn't about Willpower, you're acting ignorant on purpose, it's about Willpower + Emotions too
U just don't want to admit it & wanna ignore the Emotions part which Sanji represents

Brook said: "Sanji's Kindness have No Limits"
And Sanji said: "My Heart burns hotter than any Sun"
His Mother literally sacrificed herself so that Sanji kept his Emotions which will prove Judge wrong by making Sanji Superior than any Cold Machine made (Such as Vinsmoke Siblings & Kuma & maybe SSG)

Haven't you read Judge's Last Speech about Sanji? Which Luffy described as Sanji's Best Treats
Sanji is the Guy who have Bottomless Kindness & Zoro is the Guy who have Bottomless Willpower, not even Death can conquer him

Luffy is combination of both dude
It's ironic that u mentioned Joy Boy who is literally named after the Emotion "Joy" !!
And when i tell u Luffy is Special because he have both Emotional Power & Will Power, you tell me No, Luffy is Special only because of his Will Power, just so that you undervalue Zoro's Power

It's so clear that Sanji's Greatness comes from his Emotions, Zoro's Greatness comes from his Willpower
And Luffy is Superior than Both because he have both those Qualities

Your problem is that you deny Emotions being a Source of Power in a Shonen, which makes me doubt how you're a Sanji Fan tbh
If u call CoC Users as Gods & they represent Power, then Emotions represents Humanity & Bonding

Luffy is Greatest King because he combines that Power with that Human Bond like no one else
Zoro is Strongest of Godly Warriors & Sanji is Best of Humans (Even Readers are starting to call him as Best Character Oda made when it comes to Character Development solely due to his Emotional Value)

Go read Gan Fall's Explanation of what True God means in Skypiea Arc
Enel was Strongest but when those Skypieans prayed for God to save them, it was Luffy who stopped Enel's Bomb
Luffy is King among Kings & God among Gods, because he Perfectly matches Gan Fall's Words & he have both Power to Rule everyone & Emotions to bond with anyone.

Stop thinking from Power Levels point of view, it will make u start to see the true Themes hidden inside One Piece Story.
Shonen MC is "Unique", he doesn't Specialize in something that others have, he is Beyond that
Yes, better than all those
Luffy, Roger & Joy Boy are more Special, but not because of their Willpower (Alone)

Do you even know why Zoro & Sanji are Wings of Luffy?
Zoro's Willpower is Superior to anyone including Luffy & Sanji's Emotions are Superior to anyone including Luffy
But Luffy is Special because He is Balanced Combination of Both

It's like Luffy Overall = Zoro + Sanji which makes him Better than both
But when it comes to Willpower alone or Emotional Power alone, Zoro & Sanji are Superior
Makes sense tbh

Zoro having a stronger will explains how he survived the nothing happened

Sanji having stronger emotions explains how he can casually bursts into flammes

Luffy being a combination of both explains how he is stronger
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