Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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- Special, logia like, paramecia
- Awakening, can turn his surroundings into mochi, signature move: peerless donuts. Is able to injure Bound Man quite good, with brute force!
- super armament haki (hence high durability which was only overpowered by Bound Man, can be combined with his stickiness)
- Speed to tag Snake Man in CQC
- Attack power to match Snake Man in CQC, attack power to deflect Kong Guns

Either I don't understand what an one trick pony truly is - in this case Katakuri might really be one since he's versatile af - or you're simply wrong about this lol.

Before you argue, it's clear that King is physically much stronger than Katakuri, he can also tank a lot more. But as I said, Katakuri dodges, he aims at weakspots, he uses his surroundings to attack. He's basically a better version of Doflamingo but with op COO.
King isn't physically stronger than Kat, Kat kept his neck attached to his body, and even kept standing from a G4 onslaught, which is more than King could ever do.
Serious base WCI Luffy is stronger than King physically, so to clash evenly with him (even with haki advantage) hypes Kat's strength to the moon.
Luffy doesn't CLASH with people with G4, he overpowers them. Base CoC is important in CLASHES not unilateral attacks.

It is explicitly referenced to and hyped multiple times throughout the series, willpower is important in deciding the outcome of a clash, "just a flex bro" doesn't cut it.
Base CoC has never been used in any meaningful clashes that ended up with one overpowering the other or harming them. It has almost always been used by characters at their weakest, flexing without even fighting and that is a canonical fact.

Never once in the series has it been stated that CoC is important in deciding the outcome of a flash. I don't even think the term "willpower" is used in that manner, but either way that can also mean just standing there and keep pushing through sheer will.


To find the All Blue!
  • King is clearly a good deal stronger than Rooftop Zoro.
  • Rooftop Zoro was himself stronger than (or at the very least comparable to) Chapter 1000 Luffy.
  • Chapter 1000 Luffy is a good deal stronger than the Luffy that beat Katakuri.

You can't have a consistent powerscaling that claims that King and Katakuri are comparable. There has to be a considerable gap between them.
But Oda doesn't have a consistent powerscaling system.
So I fail to see the problem.
Well who is his friend? Remember what Luffys aid in EL against blueno, he has friends weaker than him that needs his protection and appears Zoro image too, so him is weaker than Luffy.

Look to Luffy's opponent's.

BM or Shanks(Elbaf).
WG(Imu or One of the Goroseis).

Future Zoro opponents.
Beckman or Katakuri(Elbaf).
Ghandi Gorosei.

Blackbeard will be a PKlevel guy, on Roger and WB's level.
Akainu is the weakest of them but is a Top tiers notheless.
Goroseis is hyped to be ultimate Villains and Imu too.
Luffy i already facing Top tiers in the next arc he will defeated one in 1v1.
Fuji and Beckman are top tiers
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