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I'll repost what i said in the spoiler thread, this fight is easily one of, if not THE best fight of Sanji in One piece :kata:
Queen has been the most dangerous fighter throughout the whole war (don't be delusional he was, especialy with his virus) :funky:
The dude had the most impressive arsenal of weapons with electricity, lasers, gama eyes, robotic weapons, extension of his members, virus, Haki, swords, gatling guns,... :queenmoji:
Sanji went through the most amazing character developpement who was a continuation of WCI and decided to destroy the raid suit which was so unexpected since it was so well incorporated in his fighting style :stealthblack:
The last fight might not look the most impressive for all of you but when it's gonna be animated it's gonna look so sick with high speed attacks from everywhere like in dragon ball especially since it's the same studio as dragon ball super :finally:
Just a little sad that the combo attacks we've been waiting for ages was a little too small imo :josad:
I hope this is the end of Queen and that we get King vs Zoro quickly wrapped up in the next chapter or 2 so we can focus on the title fight of the arc.
Ifrit Jambe looked cool, and was a big "fuck you" to all the morons who thought Sanji wasn't using hardening because they couldn't see it on his flaming leg, they still can't see it here when Sanji confirmed he was stacking maximal flame+CoA+ exoskelton dura+ germa super strength.
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