Has Queen been defeated?

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People forget that Katakuri hurt Boundman because he hit him in areas unprotected by CoA. We saw in Doflamingo vs Luffy that Boundman isn't Durable unless if backed with CoA since Luffy hardened his stomach
Yep. And? Luffy's been eating Garp's punches as a kid. That's the strongest puncher in the world, surpassing even the Yonko.

Luffy has mitigation to punches, which Zoro fans casually "forget". Read what Sanji said

I can't believe I'm late to these spoilers but damn sanji has use it all in one for a power attack:cheers:, Sanji uses a combination of "strength + high speed + exoskeleton + haki with "weaponry traits"" to create a powerful fire attack.

Ghostly Reflections

RIP Meat Loaf. Legendary singer.
Where's this from?
Lucci, Stussy, Spandam and Kaku were shown on the way to Onigashima recently, I think they were already in Wano? They might have been outside of Wano though, I remember being confused about that. They called the CP0 leader anyway, the one we've been seeing with the bowler hat and it's confirmed the masked ones are on a "different level" to the the unmasked CP0 agents.
Lucci was saying he wants to capture Robin and that they are going to take over Wano if Kaido falls or something like that.
- Sanji responds to Queen's invisibility with high-speed movements.

So was Sanji actually using high-speed movement here ?

But Oda used the sound effect for when someone disappears, so Sanji moved so fast that it actually seems like he disappears :crazwhat:
He is so fast that he became the first character oda used "vanishing" sound effects and not "zipping" for his speed :crazwhat:
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