Has Queen been defeated?

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- Sanji responds to Queen's invisibility with high-speed movements.

So was Sanji actually using high-speed movement here ?

But Oda used the sound effect for when someone disappears, so Sanji moved so fast that it actually seems like he disappears :crazwhat:
Damn if thats not invisibility, then Sanji just needed the Exoskeleton to match Kizaru's speed

Pre-Exoskeleton Sanji was too fast already :crazwhat:
Bounty has never been reliable lol. Jinbe’s bounty was not even 500 mil, but he mid diffed WW in a fight. All of the Straw Hats had lower bounties than the Tobi Roppo they defeated too.

Bounty is nonsense, Katakuri mangles King with ease.
Whoa, hold up on Kata vs King. Too soon for me personally to decide. :milaugh:

Going back to bounties, while your point is fair, it's the believability of it that concerns me.

If Kata had a bounty of 1.320.000.000, no one would wonder how the hell did he get that much since he could back it up.

But, Queen? He outnumbered Cracker's bounty by nearly 500 million and Cracker looked more impressive (stalling Nami + G4 Luffy combo for 11 hours).

Doffy had a bounty nearly a billion lower than Queen's yet I would not argue for Queen beating Doffy.

While bounties are unreliable, I kinda wish Oda didn't just lolnope the hype it generated by making someone with Queen's bounty so disgustingly incompetent,
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