Has Queen been defeated?

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i never said anything about their powers being crap.. its just Queen is mire capable fundamentally than those weaklings..

its no different that ussop have gum gum no
Right, right :josad:

From neg diff, one shot, and 1v4s to "Queen super stronks". Damn, Queen having lightning makes lightning.... uber lightning! Extra scorchy and stuff, or something.
Guys, damn, I didn't know you guys throught Judge, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji had such trash powers that even Pre-Onigashima, Non-RS Sanji would neg diff and one-shot these guys, completely ignoring and negating them.

Not that I agree or anything, but ain't it kinda sad that you think Queen got such lowly powers :josad::josad:
1 unnamed casual base kick broke Niji’s face and we’ve seen what happened to Yonji

Ichiji and Judge wouldn’t survive vs DJ
And people don’t get tired of that?

it’s like people love thinking the same and living in simulation. That’s exactly why the ZKK cult exists. Boring uninteresting people with 0 personality whatsoever

I’ve yet to meet one zorofan that differentiates from the other
One Piece in general has been recycling shit since the Timeskip.

Even WCI which looked like it could be different ended up with Luffy having ANOTHER "Lucci esque" fight which the fandom praised like morons
Yeah, nah. Either Doffy or Cracker would smack Queen around, tbh.
I know people who don't like Sanji, but this is just sad :suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure:

Doflamingo and Cracker wouldn't even hurt him, Marco basically going all out barely hurt him.

Doflamingo showed much weaker AP than Katakuri vs base Luffy and Gear 4

Look the amount of effort Sanji is putting against this dude, and he isn't even done.
Now that it is confirmed Queen had those Germa's tech, I no doubt left, there's must be some kind of exchange/ tech shares between them (Queen & Judge) back in the underworld, since a long time ago even.., that's why Judge manage to gather a piece of Lunarian genetic code to further fueling his own project, while Queen and Kaido also secretly started their own, with Germa's Cloning tech I have no doubt left, Kaido must had made AN ARMY OF LUNARIANS! In his own backyard, you heard it here first folks!, I knew it, those Smiles garbage isn't worth a damn, they knew it's a failure from the start, but keep making it for distraction/decoy project, that's why they boasting of having the STRONGEST ARMY EVER, I knew he wasn't referring to Smile user, and never was, and now.... imagine having army of 100's Kings 😂😂😂,

And NEXT..., if you were Kaido, where would you hid all those creatures..? 🤔🤔🤔
- Sanji responds to Queen's invisibility with high-speed movements.

- Sanji uses a combination of "strength + great speed + exoskeleton + Color of Armament" to create a powerful fire attack.
- The name of the attack is 魔神 風 (Demon Wind?).
- Then Sanji chains a series of attacks and ends with one called "Beef Burst". The chapter ends with Sanji attacking Queen with this attack.

Sanji is now faster than Snakeman and packs Boundman level ap :crazwhat:
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