Has Queen been defeated?

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Seriously man, this Geo is very retarded

This guy swears Big Mom knocks out Queen and King knocks out Sanji

by the same logic, base Luffy knocked out Kaido in 1010 and Sanji with hell memories knocked out Queen, as Kaido and Queen took practically 1 whole chapter to get up.

Seriously, you guys need psychological treatment, zorofanboyzism is consuming your neurons
chaves calling people retarded
when is iq is -5 :kobeha:
I like that we're getting a classic Sanji fight. A lot of fast paced and high speed action, with his opponent resorting to trickery and Sanji having to find a way to counter it. Ending with Sanji using a combination of moves in succession.

We don't have all the details, but it doesn't seem like Sanji's storyline is concluded. In fact, in seems like his story in Wano is just beginning.
Oda hinted that Sanji will get this new speed power up back when Sanji used the Raid Suit

back then his invisibility looked like he's moving too fast to be seen

- Sanji responds to Queen's invisibility with high-speed movements.

now he moves so fast it looks like he vanishes :crazwhat:
But it had the same word as shilliew going invisible.
No, it was to his belly.

Yeah, it's a very terrible feat for Oden.
No it isn't. It is because he was hit in a critical area.

Luffy took quite a few of those moves.
And that where your mistake is. Luffy has better endurance than Queen

Their DC was equivalent to destroying a few pillars or drilling a hole in the floor.
DC =\= AP

Like King's AP is impressive because:
  • He greatly overpowered Zoro's guard and even his named techniques at every turn.
  • His suicide bomb created a mountain-sized explosion.
  • Tempura Udon flattened several small mountains and obliterated the underlying bedrock.
Yes King's AP impressive because Zoro with his impressive defense which has been shown against 2 Yonkou is also impressive. Therefore, we have a measure

Katakuri lacks any sort of significant DC feat.
Katakuri lacks an impressive AP feat of KOing a character or overpowering a character's attack.

We can't even say that any of Katakuri's attacks pack a stronger punch than Kong Gun.
How would you even measure DC in the mirror world?
Next DC =\= AP
Not being able to put down Luffy =\= having weak AP.

He doesn't need to pack a stronger punch than KG to deal more damage than a KG
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