Has Queen been defeated?

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I'll never forgive you Jackteo
I'm laughing at the Sanji stan who thought he did something by painstakingly making this collage, only to prove how Oda shafted Sanji's fight and how much better King is when compared to Queen lmfaoo

:doffytroll: Yeah lmfaoooo

Like they're happy Sanji ends up walking out of this with a little bit of struggle and a sweep. What a boring fight in the grand scheme of things. A close and hard fight > being able to dance around your opponent for 19 chapters and then finish him in 1 with zero struggle.
We need to see a ultimate attack vs ultimate attack.

My guess

sky diving meteor bomb bronco bomber + coa + ice oni version vs ifrite jambe anti manner course kick + adv coc
@Sentinel had a cool idea that if that happened, he could kick him up through Onigashima to beat him.

I'm at a point where if he's down, fine, but the impact of the move is lost by not really showing us where he was launched. So if 1035 shows that fine. If he gets up for another full chapter, awesome. If it's down the middle and he gets up to use one more move (something flashy) and lose so Oda can do his mid chapter updates and finish the chapter with Zoro revealing King's face, I'd be fine with that too.

Length of these 2 fights determine if vol 102 ends at 1036 or 1037 definitely.
If sanji and zoro go hold off kaido after their fight then I can understand if it ends in low/mid diff for both of them

itโ€™s guarantee Sanji zoro meet up after there fight is done because of what Sanji said to kill him

but in the end zoro see Sanji is normal so they both go help luffy instead


๐Š๐จ๐ค๐ฎ๐ญ๐จ ๐’๐ก๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ฎ๐ข
I deffo feel like Luffy will lose off-panel again.
Feels like once Zoro and other Straw Hats will win their bouts, we will get that one panel of Luffy's ass falling off of the rooftop again.
we wouldn't be laughing at you if you didn't now would we?
Stop trying to fix your mistake with even more mistakes, just accept you made a mistake and move on :seriously:

You think making statements like this is really a bright idea?
Ain't my fault is people can't handle the truth

And you're seriously trying to lecture me? Lmao come on man, you just proved that you don't actually read more than half of my comments then assume I said things I never said

Please just stop being an idiot, and yes, I think making statements like this is a bright idea, you are just getting triggered about it

Lmao, this whole argument is beyond pathetic, can we actually call this an argument when you're putting words in my mouth?

I never said king doesn't have CoA, I specifically said he does

I replied to a comment mentioning the gap between King and queen, but your dumbass didn't even bother to read the comment I replied to and said that no one was mentioning the gap between the two

You lost your credibility from that point and kept digging your grave deeper

Now I'm correcting my mistake? Seriously? I'm just repeating my previous statements, please stop embarrassing yourself like that and go read my comments
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