Has Queen been defeated?

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I don't see the point of making the finisher a barrage of different kicks when you can barely see them outside the last one, kicks against Kuroobi were much cleaner:kayneshrug:
I don't think all those attacks are part of a finisher.

It more feels like that since sanji unlocked new fire oda decided to name new moves with final one being a finisher.

His barrage of attacks could also be to ensure that queen stays down
Two ways I come back

one : queen not defeated next chapter
Two : king doesn’t have adv coc
Three : king has a trick that allows him to not get damage unless you figure it out
People are truly lining up anticipating your comeback :gokulaugh:

don’t come back if you’re not into the story. This power level discussion as usual is stupid.

Upcoming chapter looks promising for Sanji. Quite the upgrade he needed post time skip.
zoro struggling against a strong opponent who is leagues above queen is actually a treat for us zoro fans. remind me of the godly mr1 Fight. zoro needs a good hard fight after coasting through all his opponent after the timeskip.

Agree. But some Zoro fans rather have Zoro stomping fodder than struggling against Top Tier Characters.
Thanks to Sanji's stupid regen and toughness specially after Brachio Snake who supposed to kill CoA masters, alongside with ridiculous speed that basically makes him invisible, and CoO that detects invisible Queen, he is able to have a chance even getting hurt by other moves

All of Queen's attacks showed to be absolutely deadly, and Oda made that very clear since the beginning.

Meanwhile King ragdolls Zoro, who just gets back up while King watches, and does absolutely no damage.

King vs Zoro is pretty similar to Katakuri vs Luffy in this aspect

I can't wait for Shyriu to sneak attack Zoro for hours, not defeating him, so Zoro can one shot him somehow

Oda has a weird way to portray these YC1 ffs
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