Has Queen been defeated?

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I think what also bothers me about the fight is that Queen constantly looks undamaged every time he gets hit. Same thing is happening with Zoro, but King has a canonical reason for it at the moment (a trait that prevents injury it seems).

Kind of why i hope we see Queen with damaged cyborg parts beyond the arm next chapter. I'd love a battle damaged version of him to fight until he's done.
Zoro survived King explosion same will be with snake move :risicheck: just add some armament haki
A mountain range size explosion that he literally took at point blank range and did nothing to him just because he used his CoA to protect himself.

And then you got people telling you that Zoro would die to snake mode Queen because according to this goofy his technique "destroys CoA MASTERS"

:milaugh: :milaugh: :milaugh:
It is not your opinion, it is a common fact.

Killer vs Hawkins ending got some of the best panelling in Onigashima and Wano, while Sanji vs Queen ending got the worst.
Only paneling I liked in this fight was Winch Queen. That was exceptionally well drawn. Here's to hoping it continues. That was the saving grace of all the F6 defeats, good paneling.
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Still think Queen will get up and use the ice Oni virus on himself. Piece of shit is lying all the time and I bet he still has an antidote to use it on himself
Queen is fucking deceptive. Every move I think that actually hurts him he acts like it doesn't. Obviously it's a lie, but you have to question how much Oda wants him to tank.

Will he be up? Will he be down? Chapter ended exactly the way the author wanted to here lol
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