Has Queen been defeated?

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Yeah i don't see how Sanji can pull another move that can top this combo attack but let's see :sanjimeh:
unfortunately i reckon he still hasn't used emotions for flames.. he just showed coa incorporated with flames.. but not intense flames.. i doubt he's dont just YET..

besides it's perfectly set up for sanji to surpass this combo next.. you have a woman in danger after all.
Marco doesn't have the AP to put down Queen TBH.

Neither does Katakuri for that matter.

Both of them would be battles of attrition where it comes down to who can outlast the other.

Queen, Katakuri and Marco are all in the same tier.

Generically, I'd place Marco as the strongest there, and maybe Queen as the weakest.

But it depends on what Queen shows this fight. If he's impressive enough, I'll place him above Katakuri.
Does this look like AP not enough to hurt him?

You're missing a key point which is that Ancient Zoans have insane recovery feats, basically healing damage in minutes. Queen could only tank Marco's attacks because King was there keeping Marco occupied all the time.

In a real 1v1, Marco would give Queen no time too take a breath, he'd be on his ass without rest and the damage would stack over time just as the Sulong Dukes have done vs Jack.

Same for Katakuri.

I really give Queen a lot of credit, dude's strong but he's outmatched
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