Has Queen been defeated?

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If Queen is down this chap or the next one I'm gonna seriously question Oda. The entire fight has been nothing but a spamfest on both sides when Queen was hiding an arsenal of like, 3/4 new abilities? Related directly towards Sanji's hated family?

Queen using them early would've intensified the fight so much more. I get it was more gag heavy than King vs Zoro, but that doesn't mean Oda couldn't of taken it a bit more seriously.


To find the All Blue!
Unless the korean leaker left out Black Hair Sanji this chapter....
This is gonna happen offscreen.

I wanted Black Hair Sanji to be the one to deal with CP0, but I don't wanna steal Apoo and Drake fights. Those two deserve it.

The question is....
When will it appear? :bamathink:
Of course he does.
Just because he couldn't defeat the MC doesn't been his AP is weak
It kind of is, his hax and haki was good

But he really lacked ap and endurance, which are the only things that can take down an ancient zoan

All Kata had was physical attacks and basic armement, the only attack that has a chance to damage queen is the burning mochi

But even I doubt the flammes were more powerful than hell memories
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Does this look like AP not enough to hurt him?

You're missing a key point which is that Ancient Zoans have insane recovery feats, basically healing damage in minutes. Queen could only tank Marco's attacks because King was there keeping Marco occupied all the time.

In a real 1v1, Marco would give Queen no time too take a breath, he'd be on his ass without rest and the damage would stack over time just as the Sulong Dukes have done vs Jack.

Same for Katakuri.

I really give Queen a lot of credit, dude's strong but he's outmatched
And Marco showed that he can physically overpower Queen casually even when Queen is in his physically strongest state:
This chapter is giving me "Jinbe vs Who's Who" vibes.
Same but hopefully it's more like Robin vs Black Maria than anything else.

Nothing here spells out a final attack from Queen. The Germa powers seem to just be another "feature". Idk, I'd expect Queen and King to at least show off major, final attacks (maybe with Awakening?) Before being taken out. I'm hoping that's next chapter.

Im also hoping that was the case because Oda has been going back and forth between Sanji and Zoro's fights. Like (discounting the initial fight in 1022/1023):

- 1027 has 6 pages for Zoro
- 1028 has 9 pages for Sanji
- 1029 has another 3 for Sanji
- 1031 has another 6 for Sanji, 2 for Zoro
- 1032 has 7 for Zoro
- 1033 has ~15 for Zoro

When you add that up, its obviously a bit more skewed to Zoro (though Sanji has had fight scenes with Queen since 1015 so it might even out).

Point I'm making is Oda flip flopped a lot during these fights, but hasn't left a consistent moment where we can see a full battle. For sure this can be the end, but even Zoro vs King seems to still need ~2 chapters to reveal King's identity and secret and then defeat him the following chapter. Anything shorter just seems way too rushed.

BUT, my opinions don't matter and Oda can do just that. I'm hoping there is more to this fight though. It deserves a solid 2 chapters even after the above skirmishing.
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