Has Queen been defeated?

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Feats play a role but portrayal for Jack mainly.

No chance Queen low diffs Jack. I can see mid diff tho.
Jack's portrayal is being way below Queen though. Oda specifically pointed out that he was being bullied by King/Queen, so IDK why it's unbelievable that it'd happen in a fight. Especially when Jack has zero ability to resist Queen. He's slower, has less durability feats, no ranged attacks, bad AP showings, etc.

Even if you wanted to use portrayal, match ups cleanly shows Queen being a Jack++ fighter
It kind of is, his hax and haki was good

But he really lacked ap and endurance, which are the only things that can take down an ancient zoan

All Kata had was physical attacks and basic armement, the only attack that has a chance to damage queen is the burning mochi

But even I doubt the flammes were more powerful than hell memories
He lacked AP against Luffy =\= lacking AP against Queen
said out down, not "hurt". Marco can hurt Queen, but putting him down will take a lot of time
I don't see Queen keeping up with Marco's volume in which he attacks tbh. Not giving it more than 15 mins lol
That's not how I interpreted it.

King recovered from Marco's attacks within seconds.
King uses hax and he was barely damaged at all. I'm talking about the default recovery rate an ancient zoan gets.

Marco fought a Base/Zoan Queen. Queen didn't use:
  1. His Hybrid form
  2. His Vinsmoke powers

Scaling Queen vs Marco from that encounter is very eh.
1.) We don't know if Queen used any of those abilities as it was off-panneled. Marco was "invincible" for Queen so I doubt Queen would think that if he had abilities that could hurt Marco, just doesn't make sense imo.

Queen seemed to throw in the towel against Marco after chopper came in cause he has none too permanently threaten Marco with.
Outlasting wouldn't work since he can't take Marco's attacks for too long.
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