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Full summary, thanks to redon from MangaHelpers Forums.

Chapter 1,035: “Zoro Vs. King”

Limited Cover Series, No. 25: “Running away from Whole Cake Island”. In the cover, we see Germa 66's fleet leaving Whole Cake Island territory.

Chapter starts where the previous one ended, with Sanji kicking Queen. Sanji attack has been so powerful that Queen is blown away of Kaidou's castle and flies outside the limits of Onigashima. Queen has lost some teeth and is completely KO.

Sanji approaches to Some, who is shaking in fear. Sanji extends his hands and give her Chuuji. Some thanks him for saving Chuuji as Sanji remembers the mouse he fed when he was a child.

Sanji: "Are...
you... fine..."

Some: "Oh."

When Sanji tries to worry about Some's condition, he falls unconscious to the ground. Some calls the other geisha to bring something to help Sanji.

[Leftbrain Tower of the Skull Dome. “Pleasure Hall's battle”
Winner: Sanji.]

Cut to the battle between Zoro and King. Zoro is kneeling on the ground after attacking King, this time Zoro has managed to damage him since King bleeds. Zoro's attack also cut another part of King's mask, we can see now his nose and his mouth. Zoro has already figured out how King's flame works.

Zoro: "When the “flame on his back” disappears...
He moves much faster, but...!!
His defense power is weaker...!!!"

Suddenly, King rips his mask off and we can see his whole face for the first time. He has brown skin, a tattoo around his left eye, and long white hair (with a braid on the right side). Kaidou's subordinates, who are still affected by Zoro's “Color of the Supreme King Haki”, stare at King in shock.

Kaidou's subordinates: "Ah... King's mask...!!
So... the rumors...
Are true...!!
Black wings, white hair... Brown skin.
If we notify it the Government, they will give us “100 million Berries”... Instantly. "

King: "..."

In an impressive page (where we see King in full length) King draws his sword and covers it with flames. Then he uses a powerful attack.

Kaidou's subordinates: "No... That is..."

King: "“Karyuudon” (Imperial Flame Dragon - 火龍皇 (かりゅうドン))!!!"

Kaidou's subordinates: "Gyaaaaaaah."

A dragon-shaped flame (the same type of dragon that Kaidou and Momonosuke) shoots out from King's sword and burns down Kaidou's subordinates. Zoro, who has climbed to the outside of the castle through the hole in the roof, talks to King.

Zoro: "You should take better care of your subordinates.
What kind of race are you that the Government would pay 100 million
to anyone just for notifying them about you?"

King: "...
Why would you want to know...
When you're about to die soon anyway!!"

King transforms into a Pteranodon and flies over to where Zoro is (while he shoots Zoro). Battle continues outside the castle, King continues shooting Zoro and also attacks him with his wings. After some attacks, the battle stops.

Zoro: "Hah... Hah...
I don't have much time...
If the fight lasts any longer, my sword can kill me!!"

King: "I can sense that dangerous aura."

Zoro: "It seems that he belongs to a special race... But that doesn't matter...
Hah... Hah...
You have been on the seat for too long, it's time to move out of the way already.
“En-ou Santoryuu” (King of Hell's Three Swords Style - 閻王三刀流 (えんおう さんとうりゅう))."

King: "Don't get ahead of yourself...
Kaidou-san is the one who will become the “Pirate King”!!"

A little flashback about teenager King begins, it takes place when he met Kaidou. Both were prisoners in Punk Hazard facility while Government experimented with them. Kaidou manages to escape and he finds King that was imprisoned in a machine.

Kaidou: "A “Lunarian”? The Government will never get their hands off you.
I've seen the resistance experiment they did with you.
I plan to leave this place.
I'm going to create a new pirate crew!!
What will you do? Guinea pig."

King: "Do you think you are capable to change the world?"

Kaidou: "Of course, I'm the only one that can do it!!!"

Kaidou frees King and the two escape while destroy Punk Hazard facility.

Kaidou: "What is your name?"

King: "Arbel*."

*Translation note: Japanese name is “アルベル” which has different romanizations (Arbel/Aluber/Arbert/Alubel...).

Kaidou: "You are strong boy, you can call yourself “King”!!
Come with me!!
From now on, you will be my right hand!!

Back to the present, Zoro attacks King.

Zoro: "“Rengoku Oni Giri”!!!"

King dodges Zoro's attack and counterattacks.

King: "“Karyuudon” (Imperial Flame Dragon)!!!"

Zoro: "These flames are like magma!!"

Zoro dodges the fire dragon but King attacks him with his sword. Zoro manages to block it but King activates the sword's mechanism and grabs 3 Zoro's swords.

Zoro: "I won't let you take these “Meitou”!!!"

Zoro manages to free his swords and steps away from King. However, Zoro can't see where's King because he's moving at high speed.

Zoro: "He's using his speed!!
I must attack!!
“Yakkoudori” (Bird Dance)!!!"

Zoro manages to dodge King's high-speed kick and counterattacks cutting King's torso vertically. King bleeds. Zoro takes advantage of the situation and keeps attacking King.

King: "So you understood the way my body works!!"

Zoro: "That's right...!! Did you finally realize!? I'm going to defeat you!!"

Even though King's flame is on fire, King now defends himself against Zoro's attacks.

Zoro: "Why don't you receive my attacks... If presumably they don't work against you!?"
Are you afraid? That I can hurt you...!!"

King flies away from Zoro, then he transforms into a Pteranodon.

King: "As a being, your kind (human) can never defeat me!!

Zoro: "That's the kind of excuse I hate the most!!"

King: "...
I will remember you as swordman with considerable skill."

Zoro: "No. I will be the one to make YOU remember me if you manage to survive this!!"

King: "“Oomori Karyuudon” (Imperial Flame Guardian Dragon - 御守 火龍皇 (おおもり かりゅうどん))!!!"

King creates a larger and more powerful version of his flame dragon to attack Zoro.

Zoro: "“En-ou SANTORYUU*” (King of Hell, Three Dragons Swords - 閻王三刀龍 (えんおう さんとうりゅう))."
“Ippyaku Sanjou Hiryuu Jigoku” (130 Feelings, Flying Dragon Extreme Samurai - 一百三情飛龍侍極 (いっぴゃく さんじょう ひりゅうじごく))!!!"

*Translation note: This time, “Santoryuu” is written with “dragon” kanji (龍) instead of “style” kanji (流). We don't know if it's a typo or the name is correct.

In an AMAZING double page, Zoro uses a technique similar to his “Hiryuu Kaen” (but using his 3 swords at the same time) to attack King. This double page is almost the same as the one we can see when Ryuma kills the dragon in the story “Monsters” from “Wanted!” special Volume.

Zoro cuts in half the giant flame dragon created by King (who is shocked to see it). Then Zoro attacks King squarely with a very powerful cut in his torso, creating some black lightings.

Zoro's attack is so powerful, that he cuts King's sword in two parts and slices King's right wing in half...

End of chapter. Jump break next week.
Redon's comment on the chapter
The final double page is BRUTAL, you'll see it in a few hours.

On whether or not King has been defeated, we are in the same case as last week. We do not see King with his eyes rolled and KO (as we do see Queen in this chapter) but considering what happened with Sanji, it is almost certain that in the next chapter we will see King KO, Zoro unconscious from the effects of the Mink's medicine and the narrator announcing Zoro's victory.

However, Zoro's final attack does seem like a more forceful finisher than Sanji's. When you see it, it is clear to you that the fight is over even if there is no confirmation.

I clarify my comment yesterday that Queen could be the meat of a future mini-story. As I say in the summary, Queen is thrown out of the castle by Sanji's attack and we see that his body flies away from Onigashima (if at the time we see him in this chapter he stopped flying and began to fall, he would do it outside of Onigashima).

I don't know where it will fall exactly, but considering Onigashima's current position, it looks like it will fall somewhere around the Flower Capital. Depending on how this arc ends and what happens to Kaidou, Queen may have to flee from Wanokuni and that could lead to a mini-story similar to that of Wapol or Gedatsu.


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Z: I don't have much time. If this drags on, this sword will steal my life away!

K: So you do have an appropriate sense of the danger you're in.

Z: Although he seems to be of a special race, that doesn't matter to me. [unclear] I've trained enough. King of Hell: Santoryuu

King: !

King: Don't get ahead of yourself... Kaido-san is the man who will become the Pirate King!

Kaido: At this rate the government will never let you go, Lunarian. I'm leaving this place to start my own crew! What will do, guinea pig?

King: Can you change the world?

Kaido: Only I can change it.

The experiments have escaped!

Kaido: What's your name?

King: Arbel.

Kaido: You're strong. Call yourself 'King'! Stay under my wing, I won't hand you over to anyone!

Kaido: From today onwards, you're my right hand! Worororo!

K: So it seems you understand how I operate now!

Z: That's right! Can you finally see it now!? Your own defeat!?

Z: Ooh! Why won't you receive my attacks? They're not supposed to work on you right? Or could it be that you're scared of my strikes!!

K: You can't compare to me as a living thing at all! (uses seibutsu, the word in Kaido's title)

K: Fufufu.

Z: That sort of thing you're saying... is what I hate the most!

K: You will remain in my memories as a mighty swordsman.

Z: I'll carve myself into your memories! Assuming you survive that is!

K: Oomori Karyuudon! (Lit: Protective Flame Dragon Emperor)

Z: King of Hell: Three Dragon Blades - 103 Emotions

Editor's note: A strike that can even tear apart a dragon!

Chapter 1036, will have a Color Cover Page.
In addition, ONE PIECE will be on the cover of WSJ Magazine as the first "official" chapter in 2022.

There is a hint that the chapter will feature Monkey D. Luffy and Kaido as well as Kozuki Momonosuke.
This Preview for Volume 101 not the next chapter.

Editor Notice mention Kaido, Luffy and Momo for Volume 101.
TCB scans - https://onepiecechapters.com/chapters/318/one-piece-chapter-1035


Confirmed by REDON from Spanish forum
*Under normal conditions, the Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1,036 should be released between Tuesday, December 28 and Thursday, December 30, 2021, and the chapter on Sunday, January 2, 2022, officially on MangaPlus. But that would be in a normal week, and we all know that the last week of the year is not and that things tend to move forward.

*Taking into account that the Korean leakers go through the lining of all the rules, I think they could easily advance a week to the dates I give above. So it is possible that the Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1,036 can be released between Tuesday, December 21 and Thursday, December 23, 2021. If they don't come out on Thursday, December 23, I think they'll come out the following week (Monday, December 26 at the earliest).*
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