What is King’s real name?

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- Flashback of the moment in which Kaidou and King meet. Both were in a government research facility.

So Kaido and King first meet and they were in a government facility. Now this fight is getting into history lore dumping too. Queen hyped King, now we might be getting....
Kaido hyping King too?:myman:

King has been with Kaido from the beginining it was just him and Kaido. Probably the earlierst flashback of Kaido to date.
They must've had mutual respect for each other and observed each other's strength

This is also why Kaido only took King to intercept Whitebeard.
Oda is adding weird caviates to these commander fights… What if Queen wasnt a horny bitch and stayed paying attention to Sanji? What if Zoro didnt figure out the trick to King’s durability? Like seriously, could even AdvCoC Zoro cut King without this weakness?
I need to see the final panel. I don’t want to believe it. I love Zoro and he’s great but the villains also deserve some love.
Oda's golden rule: "The hype of the good side is the death of the bad side."
Why can’t we get an epic fight where both get their hype? Queen was also underwhelming, Sasaki too and Who’s who had a lot of potential. PayPay lost against Big Mom, which was unfair and Jack… it’s like kicking a corpse.
Just when I was warming up to King too... A strong Zoro is a double-edged sword :josad:
sanji knocked himself out playing stupid hide and seek games and queen is going to stand back up in 2 chapters

Thats an interesting possibility

Cuz imagine if CP-0 doesn't confirm Queen is done, but actually only Sanji himself thinks Queen is done, then he falls to the ground


King and Queen showing Awakening would be awesome. But at this point my expectations are too low
What did I ever say that qualifies as a wank?
You said Zoro is stronger than Big Mom. You said Zoro negs Kidd.
And the difference is Zoro always delivers and over delivers while all I have been hearing about Kidd is "Disappointing" "Underwhelming"
Depends who you talk to. I’ve talked to plenty of people on and outside this forum that have been impressed with what Kidd has done in this raid and have high hopes for the future as well. And many of them aren’t even Kidd fans. Talk to a bunch of salty Luffy and Zoro fans and I’m sure you’ll hear many times that he’s “underwhelming” and “disappointing”. Let me clue you in on something, most of them never had expectations for him, they just don’t like the character and just downplay everything he does lol. Kind of like you
How about you accept that Kidd is a worthless sack of shit rather than have High expectations and look like an idiot?
Nah I’m good. From what I’ve read, I don’t feel like he’s a worthless sack of shit character at all. You do you though.
Sanji vs King wouldn't have been half as cool as Zoro vs King

And how are sanji and King similar in fighting style? When did Sanji blow himself up, use a sword, destroy islands and shit??
Only reason i think oda avoided this matchup because sanji doesnt know he has lunarian ability untill Queen mentioned it. Also there is too much spoilers regarding about their clan how they exactly use it .

I feel Zoro was better option plotwise King is powerful after kaido .
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