What is King’s real name?

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Oda really doesn't have sense of priorities. He wasted so much time on boring stuff and set up just to rush the so long awaited fights of the crew, the amount of offscreen is just ridiculous, the tension is non-existent and to add more he completely pissed on big mom character
Zoan's awakening is related to toughness and recovery speed

It's likely that Oda already takes it into consideration regarding the ancient zoan toughness and recovery speed. What would be lame though is for Oda not to expand on this more in a yonko crew possessing ancient zoan fruits
So it's possible that King, Queen, Jack and even possibly Kaido share the same power as those fodder jailer beasts? If that's true, I'm considering taking a break after Wano.

Passive stat boosts can be always ignored whenever the plot asks for, a town worth of an element not...
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