What is King’s real name?

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Katakuri the weak cuck has lost all hope this chapter all of it.
He isn't even in the same league as King, he needs to be playing connect 4 against Kaidos right hand man.

One man is acknowledged as strongest subordinate by the captain, one "Lowly son" is only called strongest subordinate by fodder who later spits on him and Meme seems to care more about streusen and perospero
:suresure:are people really talking about "this is juge King's hype for being RH"
Bruh you do realise kaido didn't have a crew
He was gonna start, he recruited King before he got Queen
Of course King would be his RH

Bur even then, he was still paired with Queen many times as duo
Both have no awakening, CoC, advanced haki
And both lost their body parts to zoro and sanji
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