What is King’s real name?

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In an AMAZING double page, Zoro uses a technique similar to his “Hiryuu Kaen” (but using his 3 swords at the same time) to attack King. This double page is almost the same as the one we can see when Ryuma kills the dragon in the story “Monsters” from “Wanted!” special Volume.

Zoro cuts in half the giant flame dragon created by King (who is shocked to see it). Then Zoro attacks King squarely with a very powerful cut in his torso, creating some black lightings.
Oh boy
Sorry Kata fanboys King speed>>>>> his
Katakuri still dances around FS enhanced Snakeman and has an even more effective method of evasion in form of shape shifting. With Future Sight, Katakuri can literally see where King is going to hit seconds before the hit lands. And in terms of speed:
Shape Shifting >> Katakuri's body movement >> Base Luffy's body movement, and base Luffy could partially dodge Thunder Bagua, a move faster than any of King's moves.

King won't just blitz Katakuri.
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