What is King’s real name?

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The Rogue Prince
He surely will land blows through a combination of his speed and various moves, but it will be a pretty hard task, just like it will be hard for Katakuri to wear King down, though Katakuri received a bonus now that we know King's defense is lowered in the absence of his flames and Katakui is pretty good in counter attacking due to Future Sight.

It will be a close fight in any case, neither side can claim that "X destroys Y". That's not how balance of power works.
Who do you think takes it tho? :wellwell:
So you’re telling me Oda replicated the Ryuma panel from Monster against King just to have Zoro do the exact same thing again in a few chapters?

It’s over... it was a good run though

Like he already done with flying dragon blaze vs kaido
And now this one vs King you mean lmfaooo

King's inspiration for that dragon attack is kaido

Zkk coming over the capital black enma
Oda you robbed as from getting our insane CoC clash with Zoro vs King....
How could he create a Yonko right hand named King that descends from a race of Gods whose designed to be the opponent which Zoro finally awakens his CoC against, and then not give him CoC of his own?
Oda's a riot:gokulaugh:

Meanwhile Yamatrash running around with Adv CoC for jerking off to clowns in daddy's basement. :vistalaugh::vistalaugh:
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