What is King’s real name?

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Zoro: "I won't let you take these “Meitou”!!!"

Zoro manages to free his swords and steps away from King. However, Zoro can't see where's King because he's moving at high speed.
Sorry Kata fanboys King speed>>>>> his fs it's no joke if even Zoro can't fully see it
Hmmm are we really gonna compare what Zoro can see to what Kata can see ahead in the future? Kata is and will always have better reaction speed than Zoro and honestly most some top tiers(not including those who have FS as well obviously)
This chapter is a good example why some should wait for the full summary before running off at the mouth and claiming this and that. The short spoiler left out a lot of info. King is much stronger than we thought. He has even more power attacks and even greater speed. Wow.

It's just like I said. King is not weak without his unique power. Now he just started to use his high speed. King was still able to fight ACoC Zoro.

Kaido call King strong and his right hand man. He is on a different level than Queen.
How could he create a Yonko right hand named King that descends from a race of Gods whose designed to be the opponent which Zoro finally awakens his CoC against, and then not give him CoC of his own?
Oda's a riot:gokulaugh:

Meanwhile Yamatrash running around with Adv CoC for jerking off to clowns in daddy's basement. :vistalaugh::vistalaugh:
Do Ashura Doji and Denjiro have CoC? That's King's level.

Izo = Mid Tier in WB crew/Mid Tier in Oden's crew. Oden's top guys = YC.
I hate Oda. ZKK fans, the ones sure Zoro and King had advanced CoC, and so on join me.
We deserved Sanji vs King and Zoro killing Kaido, Oda tricked us into thinking they would both happen and then he repeated the usual scheme.
Wano is trash and we all know it.

The description of the fight makes it look incredible but Redon is a Zoro fans, so he isn't completely reliable. But still :stealthblack:
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