What is King’s real name?

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The Jailer Beasts were declared defeated in Impel Down..... Didn't stop them from getting back up later on.

Jack was declared defeated by Neko and Inu.... Didn't stop him from getting back up later on.

I'll believe they are down for good when all is said and done. If I'm wrong, I'll happily accept an L. Hope you're prepared to do the same.
What is your fetish/obsession with the Jailer Beasts? This is the narrator's box declaring the end of the fight.
and it doesnt come with the time limits g4 comes with
queen and king are not weak
zoro and sanji just got that much stronger.
King and Queen are still weak
Even if you say Adcoc Zoro> IJ sanji>FS Luffy
King is shown as coward who starts to run away once his trick is exposed and can't do much to zoro
Queen got wrecked

They lost like Doffy/Cracker lost, totally overpowered


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

It's the ten Wank commandments

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Word up
Katakuri still dances around FS enhanced Snakeman and has an even more effective method of evasion in form of shape shifting. With Future Sight, Katakuri can literally see where King is going to hit seconds before the hit lands. And in terms of speed:
Shape Shifting >> Katakuri's body movement >> Base Luffy's body movement, and base Luffy could partially dodge Thunder Bagua, a move faster than any of King's moves.

King won't just blitz Katakuri.
Also Kata had lvl 2 hardening, teleporting attacks with aerial magic donuts, shapeshifting and snakeman level speed, awakening to trap speedy enemy in AoE, and more importantly a potential in his CoC black lightning. His hax is so many, he can have literally multiple arms that do faster gattling compared to Luffy's G2, freely adjusting his attack size with freely enlarging his Mochi Elephant Gun thus keep multiplying his strength in a big attack, etc. From the spoiler i think Kata still is >= King >= Marco, or Kata and King will extreme diff either way.
Which Captains? Luffy? Neg diff? Kid, around same diff as Luffy, Law? At best push him to mid diff based how strong Law became.
Zoro would do similar thing to Doffy, he was already pre wano> and with Enma and now adv CoC, Doffy would get rekt by Zoro very hard.
Law + whatever help from Kid/Luffy to nerf. I don't think Law was meant to fight BM tbh.
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