What is King’s real name?

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Which Captains? Luffy? Neg diff? Kid, around same diff as Luffy, Law? At best push him to mid diff based how strong Law became.
Zoro would do similar thing to Doffy, he was already pre wano> and with Enma and now adv CoC, Doffy would get rekt by Zoro very hard.
Doffy doesn’t stand a chance against Zoro lol mid diff :gokulaugh:
Hmmm are we really gonna compare what Zoro can see to what Kata can see ahead in the future? Kata is and will always have better reaction speed than Zoro and honestly most some top tiers(not including those who have FS as well obviously)
Zoro reacted before Law could teleport.

FS doesn't increase body speed. That's why Kaido could still hit Luffy while he uses FS.
Because Law has Awakening as compensation
lmao compensation
Talking about being a dishonest troll
Anyways I am not even gonna humor your troll shit because we both know Law is a total fodder compared to Zoro

But I'll ask you one more time, what has Big Mom ever done to suggest she stands a chance against current Zoro?

Stop shadow wanking characters you know are fodders to wank Yonko, when Yonko themselves are looking like joke compared to Zoro.

Blother Fertitta

zoro still has to get used to it
he pulling out too much haki not using just what he needs
hes got to be more efficient with it which am sure he will get better with moving foward.

improvements to observation hopefully against shiryu and he will be a complete top tier fighter
the irony is he is closer to the "hakiman" image a lot of shanks fan are allured to . no df or unnatural enhancements.
Damn yo posts really be wholesome and unbiased
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