What is King’s real name?

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Oda's accuser
King doesn't stand a chance vs yonkos and neither does zoro. Ling gets mid diffed in 1v1 with marco and Lueen high end mid diffs him
If Zoro isn't pushing Kaido to at least high difficulty he is mad considering how difficult stalling Hakai for a while was, his defensive output is ginormous. And his AP even further improved now so broadly, it was already a threat for a yonko whilst he stood Pre Hakai, ie healthy:crazwhat:
Zoro basically just destroyed a stronger version of Sanji. As King is an opponent who fights with a style very similar to Sanji's but is so much stronger than Sanji in everything.

RIP "Wings" shit (which wasn't about power level anyway)
Sanji's faster, his flammes are hotter

And he has a durability around the same level as that of king's once his flammes are off

Sanji is around the same lvl, maybe a little bit higher
"Zoro can't see where's King because he's moving at high speed"
"Zoro manages to dodge King's high-speed kick and counterattacks cutting King's torso vertically"

Nah Oda really went full Zorobro mode lmao he can't stop trolling sanjitards :suresure: :suresure: :suresure:

King's natural born incredible speed can make him invisible to the eye but Zoro can still dodge and tag him. Epic as all fuck.

"Zoro: "These flames are like magma!!"

Incoming that shanks-ish clash between Zoro and Akainu

:steef: :steef: :steef:

"King: "“Oomori Karyuudon” (Imperial Flame Guardian Dragon)"
Zoro: "“En-ou SANTORYUU*” (King of Hell, Three Dragons Swords [style] Flying Dragon Extreme Samurai)

Oh my god these two techniques sound and must look absolutely disgusting....like, holy shit!!!

"Zoro cuts in half the giant flame dragon created by King CREATING SOME BLACK LIGHTNINGS"

The AdvCoC


My boy King got his right wing cut in half and his sword cut apart.....I hope he can regenerate and get that wing back I also expect him to keep fighting
for at least one more chapter though and go crazy with his CoC.
I also get some foe-becomes-friend type of vibe from King he might become an ally after the raid is over and finds out who killed the Dragon he thought was the strongest.

And Oda continues to elaborate the ZKK plotline. You love to see it.

I need panels now....
Wait never mind, 3 Dragons
The Punk Hazzard
King's Dragon
There's still 1 more
Reaching :saden:

Damn, king is done LMAO, Luffy first time with YC looks more horrible now, getting help from from his fiend and enemy DF at the same time only to beat someone as probably weaker than jack
It will only make sense to you if actually believe in what the author showed you, that Katakuri is the strongest
Remember King was a teenager
He got captured on his own. He wasn't Kaido's underling back then

Kaido was probably beaten by VAS logia trio 1v2 or 1v3 or someone very powerful like Garp/Sengoku
how about i just make baseless assertions about how king was probably beaten by "VAS logia trio 1v2 or 1v3 or someone very powerful like Garp/Sengoku"

thats all you ever do, make baseless fucking assertions and spout anti-logical nonsense. fucking noodles for brains
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