What is King’s real name?

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Go fuck yourself.

BM low diffs Zoro, and Law will be 50% responsible for beating her
See how weak your conviction is, when you realize you are not intelligent enough to win a serious argument with me you decide to insult and troll and run away.

I don't even need to troll because arguing for Zoro > Big Mom is that fucking easy.

He murks Prometheus in Two seconds
He no sells every Zeus and here attack
Napoleon gets launched into the air as she is too unskilled to coat her sword with CoC
Then he blocks all her hits and then decapitated her in single attack
Same but stronger version of attack thst made her shit her own diaper on the roof top

Zoro permanently scarred someone far far far more durable than her in a single strike while 30 broken bones with only one of his sword releasing CoC.
This time around Zoro has 3 swords and opponent isn't Kaido.

Do the match. Zoro massacres Big Mom
The sooner you accept the reality the better
Jack and Queen feats this arc where kinda underwhelming in compare to King feat.
Yes I know Jack fought for 5days in Zou and also could take a hard beat down, Queen also was very great in terms of having so many arsenals, don´t misunderstand me they been strong for sure and im pretty sure outside of Sanji, no one could beat Queen from the alliance side expect the top guys like Luffy,Kid,Zoro,Law and perhaps Killer? But in compare to each other I don´t know but King feats are soo good in compare to his follow calamity friends, that I can´t see Queen beeing close to him. The gap is based on portrayal(King righthand, go with Kaido to marineford) and feats are soo huge between these two that I can´t even see how Jack in add to Queen could be able to beat King.... Showing how worse Queen had it because of Oda portrayal, he and at most Sanji deserved also a great battle.

Tf are you on?

Queen knocked out big mom

Is by far the most durable ancient zoan

Has 5 devil fruit like abilities

King high-extreme diffs him
If Zoro isn't pushing Kaido to at least high difficulty he is mad considering how difficult stalling Hakai for a while was, his defensive output is ginormous. And his AP even further improved now so broadly, it was already a threat for a yonko whilst he stood Pre Hakai, ie healthy:crazwhat:
Zoro attempted to block hakai and got neg diffed after half a second. That's the reality. That was odas way of saying he's outclassed. The only feat from this is endurance. It's the best endurance feat in the series aside from thriller bark. Not durability or anything else. If zoro took more than 1% of this attack without law saving him he'd be dead. As clearly shown in the manga.

At most now zoro does what base luffy could do against kaido when luffy just learned acoc. Wait until g4 comes out and shows you who the real king is.
Expectation: Zoro forces Kaido to acknowledge that there is indeed another samurai on par with Oden’s talent, blackens Enma as per Hitetsu’s words and perfects Kozaburo’s master work. Avenges Ushimaru and visits Ryuma’s grave having saved the land Ryuma protected.

Celestial D Dragon Piece: Zoro down and out for the count. Nothing more to do here, see ya in Elbaf merry gentlemen. :yearight:
Zoro: "If I don't end this soon, this Sword is going to kill me.

*Zoro running on a limited time limit, before he's about to experience double the pain of all the damage he's received so far."

Zorofan Piece: "Zoro is still going to kill Kaido, to prove there is another Samurai on par with Oden. Master and blacken Enma this very arc. Avenge Ushirmaru. Save Hiyroi from Orochi (Then bang her real quick). Save Wano. Overshadow Luffy. Stop the World Government from entering Wano (Like Ryuma did) and do about 50 more things, and THEN get hit with double the pain. Walk it off like a champ, and go drink a cup of sake over Ryuma's grave.
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