What is King’s real name?

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i feel like oda neeeded to force sanji to get knock unconcious, just to make a point about these YC, that theyre arent shit, i like it when oda does something like this. no fucking reason for sanji to faint after that fight which is lacking tension, life threatning, hopelessness mid diff fight. and to think people for for this believing it was a high diff lol
Hmmm are we really gonna compare what Zoro can see to what Kata can see ahead in the future? Kata is and will always have better reaction speed than Zoro and honestly most some top tiers(not including those who have FS as well obviously)
These guys don't understand that anyone with fs will always have better reaction speed than those who lack it!

There's no attack which fs user if focused can't react to nor dodge
If zoro can react to King and dodge or counter backtjen Sanji and pre fs Luffy are gonna be casually dodging him
That's a fact!

You can post Kuma...King...like you want

King attack speed is around boundman at best!
His movement speed is great

Which means nothing to Katakuri or FS Luffy
Sanji didn't react to Queen's germa attacks..
All this about sanji dodging abilities are bs..
So what's the exact mechanism behind King's gimmick? Why turning his fire off (or however that works) makes him faster, and why turning it on makes him more durable? This whole fight feels, I don't know, vague...? The way Zoro defeats him isn't even inspired, he just... does it.

Their fight started interesting, but feels like Oda didn't really know what to do with King's ability. Am I missing something?
@Topi Jerami i told you before get off your crazy king wank. Now you suffer the price and it is not pretty. But he prove you dont need advanced coc for to be top toer

Everyone on this forum, having advanced coc does not mean top tier. It just boost attack power.
King is stronger than yamato as manga fact.
Thank you king for hyping up admirals and Akainu.

Strength is all matter.
Don't let all of this distract you from the fact that the initial spoilers ALWAYS try to downplay Sanji.

Initial spoilers: "Queen is defeated, Sanji fainted"

Actual full spoilers: "Sanji's attack was so powerful that sent Queen flying off Onigashima"

The legacy of the Sanji hater korean spoiler provider continues
"Kozaburo appears and talks about swords"

"Yamato does some irrelevant shit"

Korean Leaker:
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