What is King’s real name?

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Sanji without his maximum speed couldn't avoid getting tagged by Queen, multiple times, so hell no.
With his maximum speed, nothing proofs he is faster, and sure it's not having the benefit of the doubt in a comparison with a massively stronger character. Not to mention that Sanji can hold his maximum speed only for a brief period of time, after that he is exhausted.

Same durability? Don't be ridicolous.
Sanji tanked a hakiless nameless sword attack by someone who isn't even a swordsman.
King easily tanked Zoro's Tatsumaki, the same attack that cut through Kaido's scales and made him vomit blood from the inside and overpowered his tornados and had Big Mom impressed.

King is so much stronger than Sanji.
And it's literally a far better version than he is.
Sanji has fire and physical strength, King has better fire and is physical stronger.
Sanji is fast, King is as fast if not most likely faster, plus he doesn't exhaust quickly like Sanji does.
Sanji is tough, King is tougher and can somewhat nullify attacks that would kill Sanji ten times (like a Post TS upgraded Shishi Sonson).

Sanji moved so fast even queen couldn't see him

Queen could still see Marco

And we saw Marco blitz King a few times

So we have in terms of speed


And in terms of durability I'm talking about flammeless king

Sanji's flammes are better
Queen knocked out big mom
Has 5 devil fruit like abilities
That is the problem, why he didn´t used that attack again like what he used against Big mom?
Like using Niji speed and throw himself with high speed like Arlong did against Luffy in arlongpark?
Why Oda didn´t let Queen display his forte rather showing us the basic skills of the Germa66?
What I mean is that Oda fail to display Queen best forte, his plague and ancient power, in the end not like King he didn´t even got a finisher move.... The portrayal of the battle was not okay.
I clarify my comment yesterday that Queen could be the meat of a future mini-story. As I say in the summary, Queen is thrown out of the castle by Sanji's attack and we see that his body flies away from Onigashima (if at the time we see him in this chapter he stopped flying and began to fall, he would do it outside of Onigashima).

I don't know where it will fall exactly, but considering Onigashima's current position, it looks like it will fall somewhere around the Flower Capital. Depending on how this arc ends and what happens to Kaidou, Queen may have to flee from Wanokuni and that could lead to a mini-story similar to that of Wapol or Gedatsu.
Damn Sanji really sent Queen flying.:stealthblack:

Also Queen escaping from Wano and getting a mini cover story would be really cool to see.:queenmoji:
Which Captains? Luffy? Neg diff? Kid, around same diff as Luffy, Law? At best push him to mid diff based how strong Law became.
Zoro would do similar thing to Doffy, he was already pre wano> and with Enma and now adv CoC, Doffy would get rekt by Zoro very hard.
You know doffy would fight Law 1v1 here main fight
Kidd vs BM
Luffy (and Kidd if BM isn't here) vs kaido

That's how it would be if bM wasn't here or Doffy was here
So what's the exact mechanism behind King's gimmick? Why turning his fire off (or however that works) makes him faster, and why turning it on makes him more durable? This whole fight feels, I don't know, vague...? The way Zoro defeats him isn't even inspired, he just... does it.

Their fight started interesting, but feels like Oda didn't really know what to do with King's ability. Am I missing something?
All this background stuff is just Oda trying to spice up the story.

Remember the WW Gomu Gomu crap? It literally led nowhere and people were so hyped after that chapter.
These guys don't understand that anyone with fs will always have better reaction speed than those who lack it!

There's no attack which fs user if focused can't react to nor dodge
how do you explain luffy getting hit by thunder bagua twice though? how do we explain katakuri getting hit by luffy a couple times, even with FS on?

dont you get tired of saying stupid shit all the time?
The fuck?

Beof Burst send Queen flying out of Onigashima while Leo Bazooka merely send Doffy crashing into a mountain. Sanji's heat adds extra lethality.

Literally any attack bar KKG pre Udon isn't doing shit
They were already at the left side of Onigashima so it is not that high a distance

Leo Bazooka sent Doffy into a mountain which shook the entire thing

This is the same nonsense as last chapter when you guys were wanking Sanji having KKG level attack lol

Beof Burst is G4 level but nothing indicating it is above Leo Bazooka
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