What is King’s real name?

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That is the problem, why he didn´t used that attack again like what he used against Big mom?
Like using Niji speed and throw himself with high speed like Arlong did against Luffy in arlongpark?
Why Oda didn´t let Queen display his forte rather showing us the basic skills of the Germa66?
What I mean is that Oda fail to display Queen best forte, his plague and ancient power, in the end not like King he didn´t even got a finisher move.... The portrayal of the battle was not okay.
For the same reason oda had king fight Marco in base

To hype up zoro and sanji
Lmao, there's the dragon slayer Ryuma moment:milaugh:
Not Kaido, not even King, but a dragon shaped fireball:gokulaugh:

Can we stop this ZKK nonsense now?
I've learned at this point not to write something off too early just because it looks likely. We all know how much Oda loves Zoro. You don't want to celebrate too early. Best to wait until Kaido is done for good. Oda likes to play with us sometimes. :kriwhat:
Zoro to Nami: "Hey Nami, you want to make 100 Million Berriers
Nami: Yessssssss
Zoro: Tell the Gov't about the dude I defeated outside
Nami: Whaaaaaaat
Zoro: I know you'll do anything for some berries
how do you explain luffy getting hit by thunder bagua twice though? how do we explain katakuri getting hit by luffy a couple times, even with FS on?

dont you get tired of saying stupid shit all the time?
(1) Luffy dodged TB Bagua. It just grazed him.

(2) Katakuri makes holes in his body. Luffy can't. Kata's FS >>> Luffy's FS.
You pathetic lying piece of shit. Literally 90% of your posts are just insults because you have a mental breakdown whenever someone doesn’t wank your favorite anime character.

The equivalent of 2 Ikoku’s nearly killed Zoro, even though he was only holding it back for 1 second
See you are getting flustered and you are once again lying like you always do.

If Hakai is only two times the power of Ikokou than why is it 1000 times bigger?

And Zoro post Hakai no sold AdvCoC thunder bagua, just how much stronger is CoC less Ikokou than Hakai?

Why were both Yonko shocked when Zoro blocked Hakai?
Why was it called "Quite a feat" by Kidd?

Why were both Kaido and Big Mom surprised when even one of them survived Hakai and they were expecting all 5 to die?

Also it was CoC less Zoro that momentarily blocked Hakai an attack we both know far far far stronger than Ikokou. Anyone with a brain knows that.

With massive CoC buff he can no sell any Ikokou from Big Mom can't he??
Im not saying that he wasn´t impressive, I mean that we never see his special name in terms of his fighting style, I wish to see Queen the plague, but so far I got cyborg stuffs which neither display his name as plague. I hoped so much that Queen would display a finisher move with poison but I was wrong. He didn´t life up anything for the name as plague in his battle with Sanji, that is what I mean.
That I can perfectly understand.
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