What is King’s real name?

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Don't let all of this distract you from the fact that the initial spoilers ALWAYS try to downplay Sanji.

Initial spoilers: "Queen is defeated, Sanji fainted"

Actual full spoilers: "Sanji's attack was so powerful that sent Queen flying off Onigashima"

The legacy of the Sanji hater korean spoiler provider continues
Initial spoilers: "Queen is defeated, Sanji fainted"

Actual full spoilers: "Sanji's attack was so powerful that sent Queen flying off Onigashima.

Also Sanji faints and Osome calls the other Geisha to help"

Dude bout to be swimming in pussy, leaker mad as fuck.
See you are getting flustered and you are once again lying like you always do.

If Hakai is only two times the power of Ikokou than why is it 1000 times bigger?

And Zoro post Hakai no sold AdvCoC thunder bagua, just how much stronger is CoC less Ikokou than Hakai?

Why were both Yonko shocked when Zoro blocked Hakai?
Why was it called "Quite a feat" by Kidd?

Why were both Kaido and Big Mom surprised when even one of them survived Hakai and they were expecting all 5 to die?

Also it was CoC less Zoro that momentarily blocked Hakai an attack we both know far far far stronger than Ikokou. Anyone with a brain knows that.

With massive CoC buff he can no sell any Ikokou from Big Mom can't he??
Because Ikoku is a penetrative attack while Hakai is an explosive attack
First of all KING HAS MY RESPECT! A Freaking Goated Opponent who forced Zoro to awaken new Powers and give it all! And Zoro goated for beating such a crazy Powerful Individual called King who i personally have above Marco and Punk Kiddson Powerwise. Both Goated and Zoro proved once more that hes built different and shouldnt be compared to Punk Kiddson and Law who both are weaker than him. Best Zoro fight in One Piece and loved King:finally:
I've learned at this point not to write something off too early just because it looks likely. We all know how much Oda loves Zoro. You don't want to celebrate too early. Best to wait until Kaido is done for good. Oda likes to play with us sometimes. :kriwhat:
Lmao this is the most reasonable shit you have ever said about Zoro :milaugh:
Akainu is just too, awesome character. I never understand yonko evolutionists disrespect Akainu. He is strongest character ever oda created which he finished one piece a years by 30-50 chapters.
You have to wonder right. Zoro had to dodge some magma level heat attacks.

And Akainu can turn an entire island into magma.

Just how OP is Akainu’s fruit?

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