What is King’s real name?

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:suresure:Did King even land any hit despite his so called "super speed "?
Zoro dodged, blocked, countered

This dude didn't land any move :milaugh:

All of His faster moves have been dodged or Blocked by Zoro form start till the end.
Yet this guy will blitz or land hits on Kata? What a joke
how can you be this salty lmfao. or is this another case of "king only hit the fish and not the ship"? i.e. you not being able to read
Because those aren't baboon brain tier takes that have some actual nuance and credence to them.
King the guy who is called strong by Kaido even as a Kidd and his own right hand man being literally a fodder to Kaido is as much of a baboon take as it gets.

Katakuri vs King after seeing King's feats being like 100 times better than Katakuri is same way.
I don’t really see how King using magma-level fire with his stronger attacks is an Akainu downplay.

Like you guys realize that Akainu can reach those temperatures just by existing?

Meigou and his higher level techniques must be insane in terms of AP.
So with King, did Oda actually show us, how ZKK will happen. Maybe kaido can separate his main body to his dragon form. Luffy beat Kaido but in the end the dragon form flies to the fllower capital and then Zoro cut the dragon resulting kaido death in onigashima where his main body remain.
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