What is King’s real name?

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Luffy's 1v1 fight against an actual Yonko has yet to commence.

Celebrating a little prematurely there aren't you? Just like when Zoro cut Pica in half and yall lost your minds that Luffy would never top it, and Oda said "Hold my beer" and folded a city in half with Doflamingo's body.

So let me ask you. Is defeating King not worthy enough for Kaido to consider Zoro a monstrous Samurai? King too scrubby for that? :usoprice:
I think you need to talk to a therapist about this weird obsession with what Zoro fans have and haven’t said. Most users of Worst Gen and OroJackson migrants weren’t even in the community at the time, so it seems like you’re just projecting grudges you’ve been holding for a looooooong time. Which is both hilarious and very, very sad.

Oh defeating King now puts Zoro on the ‘how high will your ceiling go’ level of Laido’s beloved Loden? Ooh ok. We’re getting close to a concession, but we ain’t done yet. So Zoro isn’t going to blacken Enma this arc, or avenge Ushimaru, or get direct recognition from Kaido that the next generation of swordsmen can surpass Oden? Fuck me then, Oda’s wasted so much time on bait, could’ve spent that dickriding Lulffy some more. Because fuck the swordsmen arc and fuck the Shimotsuki plotline amirite?
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