What is King’s real name?

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Man this shit makes Mihawk seem insane.

Mihawk ain’t gonna be able to take these attacks. His body is presumably more normal.

Which means Zoro probably isn’t gonna TOUCH Mihawk until the final blow:crazwhat:
His swordsmanship and yoru is too stronk no one was able to get a hit on his scarless body.

for people who think ZKK wont happen. Who is gonna Kill Kaido?

1. Kaido is going to die at the end of the arc
2. Luffy sure as hell aint doing it, he'll get Kaido to his last legs also he's never killed anyone and it wont start now
3. Then who is? 2 options, 1 Law or 2 Zoro who's capable. Which one outta the 2 you think it'll be? Zoro Duhhhhhhhh
For people who thinks ZKK is still a valid option, what is Luffy doing in Wano?
He didn't achieve anything in the entire arc and you want Zoro to steal even Kaido from him. If Kaido gets up while Luffy is unconscious, Luffy didn't free Wano from Kaido.

It made sense long ago when Zoro was on the roof and Luffy had both BM and Kaido to defeat. Now it's just madness.
I'm a little down, I wanted more King in general. But the fight Oda gave King was worth the wait.
It is a bit of both.
On down side, here goes CoC and awakening while even 2014 villain like Doffy had both. Here goes the theory of King wiping the race on his own.

On positive note, he doesn't get one shotted.
According to full summary:
First he bleeding, the attack that damaged the mask more so King decided to remove his mask.
Then when he goes high speed, Zoro cuts his torso.
Then Zoro keeps advantage of situation and kept attacking him.
Then the final attack.
That's at least 4 hits.
He said it's like magma
Yes, thats what I said, if they are comparable to magma then they outclass any other flame
Besides, king cannot emit flammes hot enough to produce lighting
And since when is lightning effects described as the end all be all of heat? Ifrit Jambe defeated Queen but not in a one shot, meanwhile Zoro, someone with fire cutting techniques, chose to avoid King's flames because they were that hot. Sanji described the ifrit Jambe as simply hotter flames, while Akainu described magma as being hotter than flames in general, so unless some new info is dropped about the ifrit jambe there is no reason to assume its even comparable to King's top flames
Bullshit aside, from 0 to 100%, how do you actually believe ZKK is happening?

Afterall those Luffy claiming he will take care of Kaido, Zoro believing in him, and now, you all got the very similar panel that Redon even described it's the same as the one happening in Monster?
100% serious.
Even this king is building up kaido and the fire looks just like kaido
Has a flashback to kaido
Says kaido will be pirate king
It's a set up

Luffy will beat kaido sure
Send him flying into wano
But that's him done there

Kaido dying this arc

Meme busy
Cp0 busy

Watch hiyori gonna bust out momos sword and finish orochi next and kaido will be finished with enma
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