What is King’s real name?

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it literally does because the entire point of wano arc is orochi isnt the problem, kaido is the problem + kaido is never going to leave willingly or give up, and the only way to stop him is taking his head
I mean, this is the same manga that seemed to promise Sanji's loss of personality with a whole dramatic scene about how Zoro should kill him, which then Oda seemed to backtrack on last chapter with a "gotcha" moment about Queen being the one to hit the Oiran
for people who think ZKK wont happen. Who is gonna Kill Kaido?

1. Kaido is going to die at the end of the arc
2. Luffy sure as hell aint doing it, he'll get Kaido to his last legs also he's never killed anyone and it wont start now
3. Then who is? 2 options, 1 Law or 2 Zoro who's capable. Which one outta the 2 you think it'll be? Zoro Duhhhhhhhh
1. Headcannon.
He maybe die, maybe not. Maybe died in final war. Maybe sacrificing himself against another threat.
2. Luffy will defeat him. Just like what he did to every other arc villains.
3. Neither will. Yamao is joining and logically no SHP should kill the next nakama's daddy.


King the Blue Fire
Can someone find me a cool looking King profile pic.
You can rock this fanart after the chap drops

It is a bit of both.
On down side, here goes CoC and awakening while even 2014 villain like Doffy had both. Here goes the theory of King wiping the race on his own.

On positive note, he doesn't get one shotted.
According to full summary:
First he bleeding, the attack that damaged the mask more so King decided to remove his mask.
Then when he goes high speed, Zoro cuts his torso.
Then Zoro keeps advantage of situation and kept attacking him.
Then the final attack.
That's at least 4 hits.
Yeah, King is doing well against Advanced Coc Zoro. Well enough at least lol. It mostly looks like the blows land when King is trying to be speedy at first, too. But that just might be my interpretation of the summary.
Definitely not Luffy, Luffy has never killed his opponents.

Luffy will fight Kaido to the near near end, but someone has to kill him.

Maybe CP0, Zoro, Law

Only plausible options and one of those stands out like a sore thumb
The marines are there maybe instead of taking control over Wano they’ll capture Kaido instead, The medicine will take its toll on Zoro so that removes him out from the equation.
Not sure about Law.
You need to understand he is rushing the fights, because he fucked up Wano with so much irrelevant stuff, that YC get annihilated in 15 minutes.

One without even using CoA, the other one being beaten without doing anything relevant to his opponent, and he wasn‘t in his hybrid form.

It‘s anticlimactic, but that is because we are having an incompetent clown as a Mangaka. We have to accept that
If oda is in competant why does have 1000 chapters ?
For people who thinks ZKK is still a valid option, what is Luffy doing in Wano?
He didn't achieve anything in the entire arc and you want Zoro to steal even Kaido from him. If Kaido gets up while Luffy is unconscious, Luffy didn't free Wano from Kaido.

It made sense long ago when Zoro was on the roof and Luffy had both BM and Kaido to defeat. Now it's just madness.
The SHs freed wano from Kaido that's the premise. The highlight will be Luffy's 1v1 against Kaido

At the end someone is going to kill Kaido, and Luffy who has never killed anyone sure as hell aint doing that
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