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:suresure:Did King even land any hit despite his so called "super speed "?
Zoro dodged, blocked, countered

This dude didn't land any move :milaugh:

All of His faster moves have been dodged or Blocked by Zoro form start till the end.
Yet this guy will blitz or land hits on Kata? What a joke
Zoro is just that fast.

We can move and block an attack before Law can teleport you are fast.

When you can reach and counter Big Mom's attack before she can attack Luffy who was 3 ft in front of her, you are incredibly fast.

Well you can blitz Kaido, you are incredibly fast.

You can continue to deny and downplay Zoro speed all you want but the manga has made it very clear that he is incredibly fast and possess some of the fastest attack speed and reaction time in the manga.

Since post time see if he is blizted opponents. He blizted Hody underwater. A feat neither Luffy nor Sanji could achieve.
Bullshit aside, from 0 to 100%, how do you actually believe ZKK is happening?

Afterall those Luffy claiming he will take care of Kaido, Zoro believing in him, and now, you all got the very similar panel that Redon even described it's the same as the one happening in Monster?
100%, mate.

It will be a combo between Ryuma and Luffy's first meeting with Zoro:

1. Kidd and Law KOs Linlin
2. Luffy KOs Kaido
3. With both of them failing, CP0 and BMP storm the capital
4. Alliance vs BMP vs CP0 happen
5. Kaido wakes up, shows his awakening and wrecks the capital. He overpowers Momoron and tries to lift Onigashima to the earth's orbit.
6. Luffy tries to stop him, but BM shows her awakening and gets in Luffy's way. She threatens Luffy by holding Tama hostage.
7. We see that BM and Kaido agree, since they fail, they might as well destroy the whole world entirely.
8. CP0 and BMP take a hike.
9. The alliance regroup and plans to stop three things: Big Mom, Onigashima, and Kaido.
10. Long story short, Law, Kidd, and Killer lead the alliance to stop onigashima falling.
11. Evoking Helmeppo, Coby, and Morgan, Linlin will hurry Kaido to drop Onigashima.
12. Zoro is sent flying to the skies.
13. The alliance stops Onigashima somehow.
14. Luffy channels G4 and blitzes Big Mom with Adv. CoC King Kong Bazooka to yeet her off Wano, saving Tama and fulfilling his promise to kick Linlin's ass.
15. Witnessed by everybody, Zoro kills Kaido above the capital with Asura (9 shadows) as the dawn finally breaks on Wano.
16. Everybody goes home happy.

ZKK is sort of in limbo. There's too much build up prior to this chapter for Kaido to leave this arc alive and Zoro is the perfect man for the job. But Oda's choice of panel spread really does hurt it a little.

I'm still on board, mostly because I think ZKK is a fitting end for Kaido and the only one that keeps Kaido out of the story in the future. We don't need Kaido coming back and being a second string threat end of series. It's better to go out on a high note in his own arc and in arguably the most memorable moment in the manga after Ace's death.
Louder :datas:
Zoro won't give up, why should we Zoro fans :finally:
Yes, thats what I said, if they are comparable to magma then they outclass any other flame

And since when is lightning effects described as the end all be all of heat? Ifrit Jambe defeated Queen but not in a one shot, meanwhile Zoro, someone with fire cutting techniques, chose to avoid King's flames because they were that hot. Sanji described the ifrit Jambe as simply hotter flames, while Akainu described magma as being hotter than flames in general, so unless some new info is dropped about the ifrit jambe there is no reason to assume its even comparable to King's top flames
Zoro said it's like magma

Sanji's flammes are straight up a combination of two elements

The flamme cutting technique won't really work because of the electric charges the flammes constantly emit unless zoro can cut lighting and fire at the same time

Sanji said his passion is hotter than any real flamme

So we can assume that sanji can emit flammes hotter than any existing flamme (we don't even need to assume, he flat out said it!) but refused to because of his lack of durability

Sanji's flammes are objectively hotter
Zoro who didn't master adcoc, brutally washes King
Luffy who didn't master fs, barely matches base Katakuri

"Adcoc means zoro is far stronger than fs luffy " yes in AP not speed and accuracy lol

King needs to use his full power : huge flames + sword to be a lil treat
Katakuri is here doing it in base without powermochi & other awakened attacks and mogura.
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