What is King’s real name?

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And the best part is that zoro reacted to moves like instant explosion the very moment that he landed an attack or after enma f him up, zoro covered with CoA the spot on his body that king's attack went..
Basically all his fight against king is reaction..
Even at CoO zoro showed better feat than sanji.
@Fenaker another thread for you, the speed Demon and CoO specialist got neg diffed and tagged multiple times by someone that got blitzed by BM. :milaugh:
Why do you disagree? With what feats can Big Mom beat Zoro? I know you are not dishonest like @Shiroyru and won't troll like "Ikokou is half as strong as Hakai" insult and run away.

So lets take Zoros feats his speed his CoC his endurance his AP his defense, Ashura, his combat IQ, his will power, how does Big Mom win against all that?
I believe Ikkoku can do more damage to Kaido than what Asura did if it connects to be honest.

And even if it doesnt then Im sure BM has stronger versions that she didnt use yet.

She also hasnt used AdCoC once on the rooftop and only used it against P1 and never again, so she has that too.

Will power is not a combat feat its basically his plot armor so I will not take that into account.

Endurance doesnt mean much in the face of Piercing and slashing attacks, Zoro got stabbed by nerfed Killer and you think he can ''tank'' any sort of physical attack used by BM's sword? While Ikkoku didnt have impressive AOE, it did have impressive range and power. I mean the think bore through the entire Island and kept going into the sea, no one to date tanked an Ikkoku to the face, not even Kidd.

And by the way, instead of saying BM's ap is lacking because she cant put down Kid with her bare fists maybe you should think that ''Kidd is an endurance and dura freak, like Zoro''.

Also portrayal is important, she was hailed as Kaidos peer, Roger prefered to not have a direct confrontation with her if he could help it ,etc.

I just dont think Zoro is there yet but I will say he can push her to lower end of High diff maybe.
Next week we will officially see if ZKK is a dead theory or not. It will depend on Zoro's next actions:
- maybe the effect of his drug will end and he will collapse. I think that will happen after the raid because he will be in a critical condition and someone must help him
- he will meet up with Yamato and cut the fire homie
- he will meet Hiyori but I think Denjiro helping her would be enough
- he will fight against CP0

There are many possibilities
I think Zoro will have a grand finale to end the war because he's gonna be out the next arc recovering from this war, he'll be by far the most damaged


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Yeah, King is doing well against Advanced Coc Zoro. Well enough at least lol. It mostly looks like the blows land when King is trying to be speedy at first, too. But that just might be my interpretation of the summary.
The first blow definitely should've landed when he had his flames off. Else it makes no sense for Zoro to arrive at that conclusion.
Zoro said it's like magma

Sanji's flammes are straight up a combination of two elements

The flamme cutting technique won't really work because of the electric charges the flammes constantly emit unless zoro can cut lighting and fire at the same time

Sanji said his passion is hotter than any real flamme

So we can assume that sanji can emit flammes hotter than any existing flamme (we don't even need to assume, he flat out said it!) but refused to because of his lack of durability

Sanji's flammes are objectively hotter

Sanji words are not a law whatsoever.

Is like taking words that " there's nothing I cannot cut" literally.


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And why exactly does Zoro need to blacken Enma THIS arc again? It's like yall forget he's still got at least one more opponent to go before Mihawk. But no, because Hitetsu mentioned Oden failed to make Enma black, that's definitely a foreshadow Zoro is going to Blacken it THIS ARC! There is no other way! If Zoro doesn't blacken Enma while decapitating Kaido, and proving to his fucking corpse he's a Monster Samurai on par with Oden, then Oda has failed as a writer!

Zoro can do all that shit you said by going off to save Hiyori from Orochi, who is the man directly responsible for Yasuies death, and the one who set in motion the terrible conditions of Wano in the first place. But no! You Z-boys refuse to accept it, because it has to be Kaido.

By the by..... Why does it have to Kaido again? Why can't Zoro do it against Orochi since the symbolism is all there? Come on.... Say it.... You know you want to.....
It has to be kaido because orochi a nobody

Shinobu already pointed this out that oden (and zoro) realised kaido the real threat

Zoro himself said he came to onigashima to slice kaido to pieces

And as always orochi a snake
And hiyori about to bust out the ame no habikiri
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