What is King’s real name?

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On Friday we have to create a new thread in which who participate for the voting : ZKk or no ZKK (locked and you can see the name) will get the account deleted.
It is time to step up the game, let see who are the two pieces reader. It not enough swamping picture in your avi or a temporally ban we need a great clean up.
the side that win will have finally pace. :cheers:
Killing a weakened kaido who has probably lost his will is no way a grand finale in exchange of leaving him out of the next arc that’ll probably span for about an year atleast.
Oda won’t risk his sales like that, We cannot absolutely have One Piece without Zoro for another year.
It’s almost at the climax no way bro, you’re only clutching at loose straws
Naaaaaaah, by taking Zoro out I am not referring to leaving him out of the manga but he will be spending the next arc in recovery still


Where's everyone going? Bingo?
I'm waiting to see the panel of Zoro cutting the fire dragon, if really is very similar to Monsters / Ryuma

Then i think it's over for ZKK


But it's okay, i'm really glad with everything Oda gave Zoro in Wano so far

I will still hold out hope for more tho

its not really a fact
zoro is stronger that post wci luffy
and sanji isnt that far behind already .
they will need opponents significantly above the likes of katakuri to grow further.

and he is a low top tier
above yc's
below yonko/admirals.
Zoro is inbetweener above YCs just like Kata, Yamato, Kidd, Law , fs luffy

He's nor yet top tier
I never said Shiryu will be below commander kata
Shiryu will be his true YC milestone ! Like how kata is Luffy's yc milestone
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