What is King’s real name?

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That normal zoan durability that was absolutely useless for him against Zoro? Maybe if Oda hyped it and showcased it in a greater light, you'd have some wiggle room to argue. But from what we see, just a couple shots from Zoro, and it was night night for King.
You mean zoro whose using ACOC when normal zoro cut kaido for fun kaido who no sell katas arsenal
This chapter makes it even more clear King is Zoro's Katakuri. Except, King is must stronger. They just similar. They both acknowledge their opponent's strength and they both appear to be invincible because if their hax.

While Katakuri wasn't really invincible, he was just using FS and his unique DF body to evade his opponent attacks. King really was invincible. His unique hax makes him harder to damage than Kaido when using it. You need ACoC or a power that create similar power to Zoro ACoC damage him. Even then he still hard to beat.
Zoro didn't try to surpass King
He never saw King a league above him
He never got CoC for King but enma

King isn't like katakuri. He's not!
King didn't make his own name within the crew or in Nw outside of Kaido
Even his name King was given by Kaido .
This dude despite being string, he's not repeated for his strength by Flyers.

Benn : famous before joining Shanks. Had CoC for sure.
Shiryu : hailed as a beast in impel down , potential CoC
Katakuri: legend within the crew, undefeated in NW. CoC

Marco & King are there just to be Underlings
Without their captain name, they have no actual indivual hype of their own
What's King knowj for? Lunaria?
No CoC! No awakening! No advanced haki

"Kata wasn't invincible but King was" lol cope

King is low budget Kata & Marco
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