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Zoro is inbetweener above YCs just like Kata, Yamato, Kidd, Law , fs luffy

He's nor yet top tier
I never said Shiryu will be below commander kata
Shiryu will be his true YC milestone ! Like how kata is Luffy's yc milestone
What have they put them on Zoro's level before his ACoC. Rooftop Zoro.

Rooftop Zoro with just CoA haki scared 2 Yonkos with his AP, blocked a combo Yonko attack, tanked it, cut through Kaido's scales, blizted, bested and scarred Kaido with 20 to 30 broken bones.

Yamato best attack caused Kaido less damage than Zoro's dragon twister caused Kaido. Her best defense couldn't completely protect her from Kaido's attack.

FS Luffy was oneshot by Kaido. Rooftop Luffy acknowledged all his attacks were too shallow to cause Kaido any significant damage.

Katakuri doesn't have the AP or ability to damage Kaido. He can't do anything to Kaido and gets destroyed.

Law and Kid couldn't do anything to Kaido or Big Mom before awakening. With awakening they were only able to recreate similar damage to Big Mom that's Zoro alone created to Kaido, who more durable than Big Mom, with his dragon twister.
That normal zoan durability that was absolutely useless for him against Zoro? Maybe if Oda hyped it and showcased it in a greater light, you'd have some wiggle room to argue. But from what we see, just a couple shots from Zoro, and it was night night for King.
You rank Zoro AP low thats why is hard for you to comprehend.

"Couple Shots " like minimizing the monstrous AP.

Oda hype it " beyond dinosaurs and dragon".

King defense is way above and Katakuri hasn't shown AP close to Zoro at all.
Nine scabbards didn't take a magical medicine with a time limit mate... I mean believe what you want lol. I won't be the one disappointed with either result :okay:
so pain is a good reason to stop a character?
LoL someone that was split in 2 still was reused, and Zoro can take way more than the rest of the people. The medicine running out, will just cause pain to Zoro, not kill him.....ridiculous :gokulaugh:
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