What is King’s real name?

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My point is being hyped for your race dosent put you above some 1 who isn't. The difference with katakuri is he was hyped as being the strongest it directly tieing to his strength while any lunarian would be hyped like king.
There isnt no more Lunarians. King is the only one getting that hype. And it doesnt matter if there were more, they all receive the same hype since it is their race. And it has been hyped by so many poeple.
Wow bro you’ve really wised up at least sometimes

I can respect the honesty. But I’m leaning more forward to him just not having any stamina after moving so quickly although i would also not mind Sanji fainting because of Queen’s attacks

I don’t like Queen but i at least want him to be better than fucking Jack lol….also Zoro cutting off one of King’s wings sounds pretty badass. I just hope it looks as badass as it sounds
Yeah plus I have also genuinely enjoyed Sanji's character development with exoskeleton which is the reason why I made his respect thread.
Sanji depending on how his next fight goes is right there is YC1 ball park.
It is either
King > Marco = Sanji > Katakuri
Or King > Marco > Katakuri = Sanji

Which is crazy considering man doesn't even use his hands to fight and he also has to train as a chef.
That doesn't make sense
If kaido dodges it means zoro missed.
And that panel leads to luffy getting kod
show me a panel of kaido dodging any of zoro's attacks like he did with luffy.
show me where kaido acknowledged ashura zoro like he did with gear 3 luffy with top tier potential
show me zoro putting down kaido like how luffy did that in early wano stage

I will wait :ihaha: :ihaha:
"king COULD be stronger"

LMAOOOOO so you're NOT EVEN going to admit that King is stronger than Queen? my guy that's not an opinion, it's a FACT

he's the RIGHT HAND MAN of kaido and it was already stated by the series that kaido's crew dynamic works based on STRENGTH

King is CANONICALLY stronger than Queen.

how much stronger is the thing that we don't know for sure.
It seems like we agree I think its reasonable to say king's stronger but that king/queen would be extreme diff.
Germa definitely got their lifespans taken, and I bet Jinbei did as well. Last we saw them, they were completely surrounded on all fronts, and here we see them sailing away without the Big Mom pirates in pursuit.

We've already seen Big Mom is willing to trade peoples lifespans for their freedom, so the answer is abundantly clear.

This means Big Mom isn't done, as she's going to need to be forced to give back the lifespan of all the people she has robbed throughout the years.

Big Mom on Elbaf boys.... It's happening whether you like it or not.
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