What is King’s real name?

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I don't know what I would rate this fight tbh... in terms of fights in Wano specifically, I think it's near the top if not at the top. The only thing I can think of that would top it are the earlier fights like Zoro vs Killer (the art especially for the finishing panel was better) or the whole Rooftop battle

If I were to compare it to fights in the series as a whole I still think Zoro vs Daz Bonez is a better fight visually. The art back then was just that much better (unfortunately) so it's kinda hard for any current fight to stack up to the older ones.

The Zoro vs Daz Bonez fight literally contains some of my favorite panels in all of manga

I can see what Oda was going for with the King fight but it just doesn't hit the same due to the art

Overall Rating: 8-8.5/10, still one of his best fights in the series
The scene implies it. Sanji is talking weak there and tipping over. The woman (forget her name) is surprised. There is a SFX of him hitting the ground and her asking for help
Ok how do I know what the sfx means? We've seen sanji leaned over slightly at the end of fights plenty. I'm not saying he isn't asleep. I'm saying I didn't see anything indicating he was in my original post.
The Good thing is, When King is Alive, people will not notice he is lunarian cuz he is missing one wing, you know one piece background character. they don't even know the difference between Kinemon being undercover as Doflamingo and The Real Doflamingo:gokulaugh:
Oh so in a way Zoro did this man a favor like how Luffy made Kata become less insecure?

But yeah one piece characters are fucking idiots LOL!
Monkey D. Garp
Monkey D. Dragon
Monkey D. Luffy

“OH W-What??? They’re related??? I would’ve never guessed”
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