What is King’s real name?

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So King cover his sword in CoA and then in fire and combinate them to make insane fire attacks, make sense why Zoro said that the attack was hot like Magma, perhaps King used Ryo in his attack to push the fire. So in the end Zoro cut King fire CoA attack. Where Lance see that King sword got cut too? Is hard to see...


Cope Doctor
King = Queen
Zoro= Sanji

Thank you Oda , one piece fandom is at peace now

And zoro did Cut Dragon in Wano too :finally: zorobois prediction was right

Now lets go to the main battles Luffy KOs Kaido , and Kidd KOs BM :fransuper:
zkk is the most stupid theory ever, only brainless people could believe it, now it reveals king can create fire dragon. you can understand why there were hints about zoro cut dragon
Hmm. I wonder why Oda draw a similar panel of the theory you are calling stupid. :usosmug:

ZKK is just a arc ending theory and its gonna happen based on the clues. Dont embrass yourself by saying its a stupid theory.
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