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The chances of ZKK have depleted Greatly (made this yesterday but had to go out)

lemme explain

recently i ended up reading Fist of the north (a manga that has inspired Oda a lot in his works in OP from Sanji's marital arts to kaido's portrayal and crew's hierarchy based on the types of cards, in Fist of the NS it represents the main antagonist's gang's hierarchy in clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts.. a direct inspiration as you can see ) is now going through what i call a domino affect in manifesting its fights in One piece for zoro, sanji and wuffy

first it predicted sanj's fight with "Heart" one of the side antagonist.. a big fat blunt attack absorbing lump of meat like queen direct counter to the antagonists martial arts.. and he was finished off in the same fashion sanji ended Queen.. with multiple kicks essentially

Second, in the manga FNS we come across a special brigade commander called the "Red Berets" that survived global extinction
in a post-apocalyptic world where he was planning to build the "Gods land" where people of an ideology and skill could survive

so this is a direct parallel to King's portrayal
of survival of extinction and what land be belonged to on the "red" line like the "red" berets

Last but not least we have


a Devil with Kaido's portrayal in Fist of the north star

this is a direct copy portrayal inspiration oda took from Bronson's story for Kaido's introduction

and this beast is a behemoth

so now that its clear what inspiration oda took from this manga for Kaido here.. the way Kenshiro ends this Devil's record is by an "awakening" or a "transformation" he calls it "embodiment of indra" I'll take that as Luffy is gonna go gear 5 in the next time we see him on the roof

and a bit later :

and the way he ends this devil is by homage to his 7 scars :

and the other guy giving reactions and sucking up to the Devil ig represents Orochi and i reckon oda might pull a parallel w+ere Orochi and Kaido finish of in one chapter or 2 after th climax of Luffy's battle

P. S :All in all i planned on making this yesterday had it typed but since i just recently woke up to the spoilers the chances of ZKK seem Bleak and ig this evidence just further proves the point.. THAT ZKK is very unlikely given everything

@Chrono @Zowo @Vinsmoke D. Zolo @Finalbeta @everyone smh

Fist of the North star is a good read i recommend it to yall.. the Viz has 27 chaps or 2 volumes up but I'll be switching to scanlations soon :)

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etc bruh what a drag
True but Jack is a minior villian while Linlin is an yonko who should be Luffy's prey to be pirate king. Logically speaking there shouldn't be no villians in Elbaf that could contest against Luffy after Wano beside another yonko but we shall see in the end.
Luffy said he was gonna beat al the Yonkos and admirals. So he will fight Shanks too? All four Admirals too?
Good lord, to think that G4+++ Beef Burst attack won't even be enough to finish Avalo Pizarro... The Avalo wank train has just officially started.
BB commanders going be hit different.
Shiryu and the commander who face Sanji(let say Avalo) going to face their stronger version later. I kinda understand why Oda hype Shanks commanders. I expect that both Yasopp and Lucky Roo been strong like a orginal firstmate (Kata/Marco/King lvl), meaning inbetweener, Ben is going to be a low-mid top tier. I expect for all commanders of Shanks a bounty of 1.5+...

So you can be sure Shiryuu and Avalo going be low top tier or even mid top tiers. These fights going be very insane.
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