What is King’s real name?

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So King cover his sword in CoA and then in fire and combinate them to make insane fire attacks, make sense why Zoro said that the attack was hot like Magma, perhaps King used Ryo in his attack to push the fire. So in the end Zoro cut King fire CoA attack. Where Lance see that King sword got cut too? Is hard to see...
More reason why he completely wrecks Katakuri and Marco:steef:

His flame attack even has the same drawing as Akainu's magma
Zoro cant even perceive sanji let alone react to him. Your shit tier headcanon can get swift diffed any day.

Sanji the better version of Ling can easily melt zoros swords with plasma kick and launches him along with Ling into the mud where they belong
Call me when the cook can make huge Dragon as hot as magma (canonically superior to fire in the series) from his fire:hapnoel:
He'd pass out before that:virusprot:
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