What is King’s real name?

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You are right

Marco has better df, can be durable and fast at the same time
Katakuri has better stats in haki and df mastery except durability

King> Marco/kata makes sense that Oda has him defeated like a fraud
Ndule still reading a different manga than one piece.

Marco was already defeated by King who was holding back 90% of his power

Kuri was defeated by normal Koka Luffy

King out here producing magma with a haki coated sword and tanking adcoc named attacks :shame::shame::shame::ihaha::ihaha:
But do you really think I'm gonna answer your shit? look at the vomit you write? I don't give a damn dirty bitch, go play the troll somewhere else you're not even a little funny :suresure:
Lmao so because I logically broke down the facts for you... you refuse to continue the debate that you started?

I ultra Neg diffed so hard man's ran away back to the mud:steef::steef::steef::laughmoji:

Next time you want to get destroyed quote me. Till then ima continue with the facts. Sanji has surpassed king in all areas and that's canon. Cry:hihihi:


They call me the anti wank king round this bitch:Dr.Killer:

ZoLo gets deep dick penetrated by killers blades

Sanji tanks a yc2 attack with a blade and doesn't get a scratch
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