What is King’s real name?

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Looks like Oda used the Ryuma symbolism against King's final attack, so it's probably Oda's own way to compensate with Luffy ultimately taking over the show versus Kaido

In the end still a bit disappointed that Oda covered the face reveal, flashback with Kaido, discovery of the weakness in King's ability and the final clash in a single chapter, but the chapter was so amazing that it compensates it, with some interesting dialogs

Guess this is Oda's way to increase the threat lvl of the battle by showing that it was a all or nothing kind of ending chapter due to Enma's drawbacks. In the end, while it allows you to create powerful haki enhanced attacks, you must still pay attention in finishing your opponent as fast as possible to avoid when Enma is fully released

Here we can now understand why Kaido gave him the name King. He saw strong potential in him, making him as his right hand man in order not to leave him to anyone else
This part suggest there is a moment when you need to attack King, making him more vulnerable to attacks at that point

And there is this interesting part as well thar seems to be in correlation with their earlier dialog about Zoro wanting to become a King. It seems that after hearing Zoro's attack name, it got King angry to the point he had to make Zoro remember that it won't be him, but Kaido who will be PK

Funny because it implies that he thinks the King Zoro wants to be is "Pirate King" lol

On a side note, it's interesting that Oda incorporated a fire manipulation that can apparently reach magma lvl in terms of heat. Guess it's a way to indirectly show the potential of the Mera Mera no mi
The last part of you comment is awesome.

I also noted that King thought Zoro aims for the PK throne.
I think it's a nice way to remind us all the WG members are ppl with potential to be pirate King
Hmm ic.. didn't know it had other variants.. doubt Kenshiro is the protag.

the past few days i was out and about was just reading FNS its dope as hell hoping to take some more time with it.. can't comprehend such art while experiencing mental cancer of WG.
Well you will meet Uighur character from the main story. But if I am remembering correctly the info dump about what I was saying earlier comes from the spin off. It's been a hot minute since I've read through all of it. I might have to give it a reread, as it's amazing, and just discussing it here is getting me amped, lol.
zkk is the most stupid theory ever, only brainless people could believe it, now it reveals king can create fire dragon. you can understand why there were hints about zoro cut dragon
Ok how do I know what the sfx means? We've seen sanji leaned over slightly at the end of fights plenty. I'm not saying he isn't asleep. I'm saying I didn't see anything indicating he was in my original post.
Can someone do a side by side of Zoro and Sanji's final attacks vs YCs
I just want to see how embarassing Sanji's looks in comparison's to Zoro's hahahahaha
Bruh sanji swift diffs zoLo across the island pokemon style while zoros crying that his bones are melting
exaclty sanji can run circles around zoro like a clown he is and stomp him left and right without zoro ever realizing wt hit him :ihaha:

Same treatment from katakuri. katakuri is too fast for king and zoro. if this is zoro's arc and this is his best fight then zoro fans can cope harder till straw hats reach another arc and get another battle. until then zoro is still below the level of katakuri
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