What is King’s real name?

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Oda has been on a kick with drawing Luffy with flames on cover pages lately.
it would make A LOT OF SENSE.. reason being the only time Kaido reacted to Luffy's attacks pre Acoc was red hawk and Red Roc.

he literally dodges Red hawk after kid and folks said they be trying everything and aren't putting a dent..seeing Luffy's reaction to Kaido dodging it saying " Heh why did you DODGE that one Kaido"

its clear as crystal for me that.. that dialog is there for a reason
exaclty sanji can run circles around zoro like a clown he is and stomp him left and right without zoro ever realizing wt hit him :ihaha:

Same treatment from katakuri. katakuri is too fast for king and zoro. if this is zoro's arc and this is his best fight then zoro fans can cope harder till straw hats reach another arc and get another battle. until then zoro is still below the level of katakuri
Bruh it's ennies lobby over again.

Not much of a rivalry if sanjis never in the lead.

Mid diffs jabea while injured from 3 previous fights

Outclassed his own opponent and zoros in both arcs

Just like when sanji got rs he was ahead till zoro got enma.

Wanji szn is year round. They just don't realize it cause zoro gets right hand man portrayal.
When King finishers can't land
When he didn't match adcoc zoro but totally overpowered
When his speed isn't that great like Sanji and his clean kick couldn't do much to Zoro

King the fraud , thanks for keeping uo against ryuo zoro but as soon as zoro said "enough" game over
Zoro haters are in full force now. Hating hard especially when it comes to Zoro's speed. They never want to give him credit for his fast speed.

Zoro moved faster than a fishman underwater and blitzed Hody underwater and they denied it. A feat neither Luffy or Sanji achieved.

Zoro blizted and bested Kaido and they denied it. They claimed Kaido was distracted and Zoro clapped his swords today.

King is using higher speed now than the speed he used against Marco. Zoro is reacting to that speed and keeping up with King. Even blizted him a the end. Zoro attack speed has always been high level. They still claim Zoro is slow, has poor CoO, King isn't that fast.

Then claim Katakuri is so fast even though the was hit by base Luffy. Veteran level Luffy hit him. That is pathetic.
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