What is King’s real name?

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King is really no different than Sanji tbh carried by his own race’s powerful genes without them he isn’t much. No great feat in any type of haki and doesn’t have awakening. Tho that doesn’t take away with his genes he is a force to be feared and a strong pirate nonetheless.
Well you will meet Uighur character from the main story. But if I am remembering correctly the info dump about what I was saying earlier comes from the spin off. It's been a hot minute since I've read through all of it. I might have to give it a reread, as it's amazing, and just discussing it here is getting me amped, lol.
lol Fist of the NS has Gaidens as well i reckon even Yuria has her own short manga series?
for all we know these parallels are pretty explicit.. oda isn't trying to hide it.. I should prolly continue reading the manga with the intention that I'm reading the future of one piece at this point..

I'm at where Kenshiro meets another Nanto Seiken user after he defeats the Devil atm and the guy goes "I can't die before killing the man with the 7 scars"

Chapter 1036, will have a Color Cover Page.
In addition, ONE PIECE will be on the cover of WSJ Magazine as the first "official" chapter in 2022.

There is a hint that the chapter will feature Monkey D. Luffy and Kaido as well as Kozuki Momonosuke.
Update fight chapter for Luffy and the chapter probably ends with momo carrying the island.

I think Luffy is gonna hit Kaido hard enough he can't keep the island up
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