What is King’s real name?

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Look at that amazing speed from King and that reaction speed of my mans Zoro who uses AdvCoC in this attack and that means King already took two AdvCoC attacks the one at the beginning of the chapter and this one right here

What a beast Kaido's Partner

I doubt he's out for good after that last attack he probably has some fire related regen I'm sure he's too epic to be done
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please…. We are close to get rid of the zkk nonsense… these guys will take this claim serious….
It's nonsense but Oda always delivers, meanwhile Midd was supposed to have ryuo, copy Luffy's gears, carry the rooftop fight, be the last man standing with Luffy and 2v2 Kaido and BM, everyone is joining Midd's crew, Killer was going to turn into a giant wolf, the list of nonsense goes on. :shame:
Best fight in one piece

Zoro counter king top speed(midd diff)

Zoro low diff king in the end

King dragon Foreshadow(zkk)

Time to finish wano arc(zkk)

Zkk incoming

Sanji faint after sneak attack weakest yc2(can't regenerat his body from paper door damage)

Paper door=sanji faint

Sanjitards mentally broken this chapter

Sanjitards/zorohaters being so proud for their stupidity

Sanjitards/Luffytards/zorohaters need to see doctor (their brain function is low than pig)

Sanjitards/zorohaters being clown (as always)


Zoro win the fight without need to dirty fight unlike pathetic sanji(he can't win unless use sneak attack)

Eos sanji speed can't tag king

Thriller bark zoro>>>current sanji

King>>>>>>Eos sanji

Base King negg diff queen


Zoro is the most powerful adcoc user right now(white lightning is fodder move,only fodder of fodder can use it)

Only Fodder of fodder can use white lightning and that is sanji(ivankov speed>>>current sanji)

Zoro the worst generation slayer

Zoro the god slayer

Zoro the hell king

Next zoro will be the yonko slayer

Zkk incoming

Fools who don't believe zkk will be fool forever

Zkk deniers=fools(you can't correct them they're just pure fool since child)

adcoc zoro low diff strawhats(Luffy and yamato include)
If king took zoros sword
And Kid took big moms living sword napoleon
Kidd easily steals zoros swords.
Zoro without his swords is pretty much useless
I don't understand why people try to use this as some kind of leverage or insult. His fighting style is based around swords. He is a swordsman. It means nothing to say that he is "useless" without his swords.

But even then that's not even true tbh. Simply being able to use haki at the level Zoro does is enough to let him beat tons of NW pirates.

Like obviously Zoro vs Kid is a clear match-up disadvantage for Zoro but it speaks nothing about their respective power-levels overall
I also wonder how strong prime Streusen is, Bege also hyped him up saying he would be pretty tough in a fight. I think Katakuri became Big Mom's new right hand man after Streusen became really old and decided to stay more in Totto Land as the head chef.
Nope that's only if BM started BMP before giving birth to Kata or Kata was below 18. But he was 18 when BMP was founded.

King became Kaido's RH at 14 , 33 years ago but you think Kata wasn't BM strongest fighter at 18 when he has CoC which means his potential to grow was higher!
Streussen was never Linlin’s RH or anything.
This guy was 57, 33 years ago! Not really in prime.

BM top 3 were Kata, Streussen and Perospero
That's why Pero rivaled Marco.

Unlike Marco and King, Kata is the only YC to be an adult when his crew was founded.
Katakuri isn't BM RH btw, she doesn't have an official RH
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