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𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
King looks way better without the gimp mask, kind of disappointed that Oda didn't show King's face way earlier.
That was impossible without introducing more plot holes.

Zoro learned Adv COC and some people think he is down for rest of the raid lol. Zoro going to Rooftop.
No, he'll behead Dragon Kaido over the Flower Capital.

A fight between Zoro vs Luffy is Stronger vs Faster, a more balanced fight. Zoro DOES NOT want to get blitzed by Luffy, but Luffy also DOES NOT want to take even one of Zoro's attacks
Where does Luffy being faster than Zoro come from?

If anyone is doing blitzing, it'll be Zoro.

Ehhh what's so impressive about king in this chapter again? His dragon attack seems slow it didn't even hit ANYTHING just
His dragon attack isn't slow, Zoro just cut through it.

and his kicking power is lacking.
  1. Zoro blocked his kick.
  2. Zoro is strong.
  3. A casual King overpowered Raid Suit Sanji in a clash of kicks.
  4. High speed mode King's kicks are much stronger.

Zoro blocking a kick far stronger than Raid Suit Sanji is a testament to Zoro's strength.
Watch some chicken wing fight one more time. There is nothing to compete with the captains. And since we know Kid has CoC, its just a matter of one numbered chapters till he shows aCoC. You know it, thats why i can read the desperation and aggression in your posting.

We don't know if he's going to get it, it makes no sense to talk about the future

Zoro >> Kid
@BillSlipton I'm gonna try to explain what I was seeing about that Zoro panel because it's bothering me now that I am incredibly confused


From your POV Zoro took King's kick with the side of his body, which would mean he was rotated, making it look like he was coiled and he is holding the sword in his right hand.

But from my POV, Zoro took King's kick with the front of his body, meaning that he is facing completely straight, not coiled, and that the sword is in his left hand. If you focus on the panel really hard you can see both orientations LOL

But if you look at the panel on the left and you check his grip

You can see Zoro's grip looks like the picture on the left, which is only possibly if you're using your left hand
Knockback of a fainted opponent isn't everything, Luffy sent Wapol flying to another island in base 900 chapters ago, knockback counts a bit more if it is DURING the fight and the knockback itself is what is overwhelming the opponent, e.g. Luffy vs Doflamingo.

Kat got "destroyed" because G4 is an extremely strong limit break technique, he was still hyped as undefeatable, where King and Queen were not.
Sanji doesn't have better stamina considering he just fainted after a shorter fight than Luffy vs Kat, and his armor/regen was partially fake hype considering winch queen can bust through it.
Kat can casually make multiple superior to G3 level attacks with insane hardness sprout from anywhere and see ahead of time where you will be to perfectly hit you. Sanji's armor isn't at the level of blunt force immunity like Luffy so he will struggle with this.

Sanji is extremely strong and above King, but no way is he above Katakuri.
Lmao first of all don't bring gag scenes in here for powerscaling. I'm not even gonna refute such an addlebrained retort because it's ridiculous enough as it stands.

Headcanon doesn't save kata. Luffy has never sent a 20 ton cyborg Dino flying across the length of a island and a half. These are facts. No matter how you paint it sanjis physical abilities are at least g4 tier minimum.

This doesn't even account for plasma which would melt through anyone not using the best durability ancient zoan df with regen.

Kata gets clapped by 2 of these.

Sanji just fought a fuckin war nonstop for 12 hours fought an opponent he started off significantly weaker than and speed blitzed him to high hell continously.

This speed blitz alone shows that sanjis stamina is past katas. Show me anyone fighting that long and undergoing a battle he started off way weaker than his opponent in and then at the very end neg diff blitzes him with speed that is only bested by kizaru potentially and launches him an island and a half away. Sanji stamina>>>kata

Sanji breaks through fs with speed and coo
How is ZKK dead?

This isn't a Ryuma parallel:
  1. Cutting a fire dragon attack is NOT the same thing as beheading an actual dragon.
  2. The scene did not take place over the Flower Capital.
  3. None of Wano's citizens were there to witness it.
    • So no new legend of a Sword God can be formed.
  4. The technique that Zoro used was not Hiryuu Kaen.
    • Hiryuu Kaen is what Zoro used to defeat Ryuma.
    • The technique that Ryuma used to behead the Flying Dragon had a similar stance/form to Hiryuu Kaen.
    • The Hiryuu Kaen that missed on the Onigashima Rooftop still needs to be addressed.

And of course, there's the obvious thing that Enma has still not yet been made a Black Blade.

Zoro cutting King's Fire Dragon attack may be foreshadowing for ZKK, or it may have no real meaning. Whichever the case though, it's definitely not a Ryuma parallel.

Literally all of you:
I believe in ZKK again thanks to you!!!


There it is Zolo fan your ZKK moment.

Zoro not only used an attack similar to Ryuuma but also cut a a dragon in the same way. For Oda to try force this parallel again would just be cringe.

ZKK in shambles after this chapter



Dope fight however Zoro vs King has been a top tier fight in itself so respect to Zoro figuring out Kings ability again another parallel to Luffy vs Katakuri when Luffy had to figure Katakuri's ability to win.

Don't think the fight is over but Zoro is running out of time.

Queen is trash.
How do we tell him?
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