What is King’s real name?

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King would have to sacrifice that very same defense just to stand a chance at matching Katakuri’s speed. So his defense is irrelevant, and Katakuri can spam dozens of attacks at him at any given moment, which will wear King down pretty quickly if he’s giving up durability for speed.

And King still hasn’t shown any real reliable counters to FS, this speed increase would likely still not matter too much against Kuri.
Yeah undeniedable kata got upper hand.
He got plus point almost in all term, but back again there is no exact result before they fight each other.


Lazy is the way
Those portals are Power Mochi (>= EG). And Katakuri hasn't created them randomnly out of the air anywhere afaik, he just creates them around his vicinity.

Tankyudon is a hybrid move, yes.

Zoro never dodged a Tankyudon though. He tried to counter it with Ul Tora Gari and got yeeted out of the Skulldome.

That's Katakuri's max evasion speed. I'm talking about your scenario bro, Katakuri fighting King for days on end - you really think King won't land 5-10 Tankyudons over multiple days? Future Sight will wear down faster than King wears down though.
Oh yeah I think Kata will be hit by King moves too.

But Kay is not total glass canon either.

If he tries to block some hits he can mitigate the blows. Zoro try to block the hit, was pushed away but wasn’t destroyed but it.

And Kat is not that much a glass canon

As I say to you I think that brawl will be close with both on the ground. Kata will be a mess and King will fuck him up. But I think the opposite is true either.
I often imagine what One Piece would be like if it were even remotely good
Its true storywise its going downhill. But as a reader i can say oda is probably exhausted and he is probably running out of ideas.

Every arc storyline looks similar . Rinsed and repeated hopefully wano is countdown to final arc .

I still think oda planbed out final arc well ahead so the story ending will not change much.
King is quite a durability beast, yes. But then we have the fiasco with Marco's knee on flame durability king.

Rengoku Onigiri also made King bleed, more than Marco did. Didn't damage him though.
Chopper's slaps made Queen bleed, Didn't damage him though.
Viola made Sanji bleed, didn't damage him though.

I can probably pull out more examples but it is pretty clear that blood =! damage regardless of context.

Kata has COC, FS and awakening, that is solid portrayal. He was also Luffy fight, the main fight of an arc, and Luffy didn’t even beat him clean. And Kata has 100% chance to come back later.

I think Kat/King are around equal, they share some things in common. Even Marco is similar to them.

But with all things consider and with an extreme fight I think Marco => Kat => King.

King will have to use his speed to fight Kata and I think Kata with FS is faster so when King is at his least durable Kata will score more hit than not. ‘

It won’t be easy at all. King is a monster. As I said I see them borderline equal.

But Kat speed based style and slightly superior portrayal takes it for me if I really need to make a choice between them.
How does Marco beat kata ? When his rgene last 3hrs at max?

They are not equal

Someone equal to katakuri will have CoC , awakening at least

Please it is time you guys stop forcing this
Oda paralleled Marco and King
Katakuri was singled out...he's Linlin Oden! ACE!
SOMEONE meant to lead others as conqueror
King's inquire power is not a gimmick.

Katakuri is the one with the gimmick. Katakuri gimmick trick this opponents into thinking he is invincible. Luffy was attacking him and he thought that his haki attacks had no effect on him and Katakuri can't be hurt. In reality, Katakuri was just moving his body around Luffy's attacks.l

King is a fighter with incredible durability and speed. His flames allows in the switch between even greater speed beyond characters like Katakuri and Marco or greater durability/defense beyond Kaido.
Sanji and Zoro seems now the strongest left and right hands of an Emperor out there (minus the Shanks crew which lives of pure hype for now).

At the moment it's difficult to think about Burgess and Shiryu as real threats for them honestly.
Maybe only a huge awakening of the Suke Suke + CoC for Shiryu and a crazy powerful mythical Devil Fruit for Burgess can do the trick.
No way Burgess is the 2nd strongest. I'm going with Pizarro or out of nowhere Sanjuan Wolf.
He took 1-2 min to understand how snakeman works
His mother knows abour lunarains, he himself is smart as a fighter and person

He's gonna figure out King's gimmick in 30 seconds
Bro stop. Kings fire is just a bad matchup for kata. Sure kata doesn't have the most impressive ap but after 11 hour fight kings definitely gonna feel it.

Kata definitely surpasses king in most stats but he still loses. You don't know how to powerscale. Take your L and leave the zoro wankers to their own devices
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