What is King’s real name?

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I didn't know King's fire did anything

What did King do with his fire vs Zoro? Nothing
Didn't land

Having lethal moves and can't land them means nothing
Bruh kata can try his best move to king sitting still not even blocking and it won't do shit. Your point is moot.

Imagine flames fill the mirror world and kata has no where to run. What's he gonna do?

I'm not finna pick apart your headcanon but you're wrong. Ling extremely high diff no doubt

You can't just headcanon your way out Lings fire proficiency
I hope so, but I genuinely feel that Burgess will be the one. He's just the typical Sanji's opponent.
Anyways, he will obtain a Devil Fruit sooner or later, so when the time comes he should be stronger than the pathetic version of him that got destroyed by Sabo at Dressrosa.
Ya without df i dont think he will be powerful though.

Now why i think lafitte could be sanji's opponent is because of speed and ability to disguise and he is similar to sanji in many ways.

He was named chief of staff in bb pirates so his position is big in crew.


Lazy is the way
Zoro vs King is the best post-TS fight so far, tbh, not counting Roof Piece.
Snake man vs Kata had better choreography, and Law vs Vergo was overall hype as well. Pink vs Franky was fun.

But yeah Zoro vs King is one of the best. It’s a classic fight and wasn’t amazing, but compared to other fights in TS it’s clearly at the top.
FS would overpower King... its like they dont use brain at all... Kata by feats, talent, skill. Supperior even to likes of marco
King's finisher is basically featless
It didn't land on Zoro nor overpower him so you can't even scale the attack to G4 or whatever

Same way Doffy's finisher was crushed by KKG
It did nothing

Why hype an attack which didn't land? And Got overpowered?
  • "Zoro would be ranked higher in the shorter distance race since he would not run off the track." That was Odas quote:goyea:
Higher but not higher than sanji. Considering zoros never shown a speed feat close to sanji or luffy.

Higher means Higher than chopper? Who was it? There was someone between luffy and him. Anyways sanjis clearly the fastest above luffy who had g2 at the time. Zoro had zero speed feats to put him near luffy hence his two tiers below spot


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
This is not sanji strongest ifrit attack
Until shown otherwise, it is.

That's raw force. Ifrit Jambe is a heat attack. It's much better.
I don't disagree that Beef Burst has much higher AP than Kong Gun.

Mmm no, Queen is fodder for Bound Man. Sanji might now have Gear 3 AP in his kicks, but with fire they are more deadly but not Kong Gun AP.
Beef Burst has >> physical force than Kong Gun in addition to a lot of heat.
jinbe blocked akainu magma with his own hands and did not seem to even be using armament but people think king fire that is like magma will vaporize katakuri who has advanced armament

How does Marco beat kata ? When his rgene last 3hrs at max?

They are not equal

Someone equal to katakuri will have CoC , awakening at least

Please it is time you guys stop forcing this
Oda paralleled Marco and King
Katakuri was singled out...he's Linlin Oden! ACE!
SOMEONE meant to lead others as conqueror
but i disagree with this. king and katakuri have many more paralels than king and marco.
marco is the one with special portrayal above other yc
Some random thoughts.

1) Since "King" is basically an epithet made up by Kaido I think it is highly likely it is the same for Q&J. After all on the roof Kaido said that Jack was a strong calamity he handpicked. So there could have been a scene where Kaido went and said "You are strong, call yourself Jack/Queen and join me".

2) King is the only calamity who fully lives up to his moniker imho. Jack was terribile, at this point he should have just been called the "earthquake", at least it would've made more sense. Queen was ok, but it was clear from the moment Sanji destroyed his best protections against poison (the RS) that Queen's plagues would play no role in 1v1 settings. King on the other hand could drop a couple of those magma dragon on the fire capital and it burns down everything fairly quickly, and we know his fire also works in a 1v1 setting.

3) Kaido & young King. :sweat: Great to see he was there from the start and wants to make Kaido the PK.

4) Kaido's lore knowledge is insane. Knows about Joy Boy, knows about Robin and Pudding abilities to read PG, knew King was a lunarian and was very valuable from the start, knows about GV since he was there, and there is something else he knows that explains why he's in Wano that we haven't been told yet.


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King's finisher is basically featless
It didn't land on Zoro nor overpower him so you can't even scale the attack to G4 or whatever

Same way Doffy's finisher was crushed by KKG
It did nothing

Why hype an attack which didn't land? And Got overpowered?
That let attack wouldnt have landed on any mid diff fighter from the looks of it... even tobi rippos would avoid it
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